Quality assurance

How is the quality control of sports pharmaceuticals carried out?

Every day on the world pharmaceutical market the range of sports pharmaceuticals is constantly expanding. One of the main principles of our company is to improve the quality of selection and assistance to athletes. We strive to ensure that every athlete can buy quality, effective and original drugs at a reasonable price.

All the preparations of sports pharmacology, which you can purchase at our website are registered using information system, have all the necessary certificates, have accompanying documentation for compliance with all the requirements of the quality control authorities. Our staff carefully monitors the expiry date, conditions of storage and sale of medicines. Each purchaser is given a cash voucher at the time of purchase.

Our company is an official distributor of pharmaceutical brands. That is why we guarantee the delivery of only original, high quality and effective medicines. 

Three-level control of quality of products

The quality of the products on our website is constantly monitored by threefold quality control.

The essence of the triple quality control:

  • Control of products on arrival of preparations at the distribution warehouse; 
  • control of drugs when they leave the warehouse; 
  • at the reception by specialists directly in the shop.

Our managers on request of a client can provide all the necessary information on when the given product was purchased, as well as documents, which will confirm the originality and quality of the product. 

Guarantee of originality and highest quality

All the products shown on our website have been purchased from world-famous pharmaceutical brands. Therefore, 100% originality and the highest quality of all sports pharmaceutical products are guaranteed.

Our company's reputation is very important to us, so we do everything possible to form and then maintain the image of reliable and trustworthy partners.

Our mystery shopper always makes sure that our managers provide their clients with exceptionally professional support and assistance in selection of pharmaceutical products as well as with submission of quality certificates.

Do you have any questions?

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