Prime Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Anapolon 50 mg Prime

Anapolon 50 mg PrimeAnapolon 50 mg Prime is the strongest and at the same time the most effective or..
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Boldenon 200 mg Prime

General information on Boldenon's steroidThis steroid contains one of the longest forms of Boldenon'..
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Clomid 50 mg Prime

Clomid 50mg (Prime) is a stimulant of gonadotropins production, which has a fast and strong enough e..
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Drostanolone Enantate 200 mg Prime

A modified analog of Masteron's propionate with a longer lasting effect. It is a unique steroid with..
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Masteron 200 mg Prime

It belongs to the category of injectable steroids with anabolic and androgenic activity. The main ac..
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Oxandrolon 10 mg Prime

Oxandrolon 10 mg Prime was originally designed for recovery of patients after burns and anemia, for ..
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Proviron 50 mg Prime

Scheme of intake and dosageProviron 50 mg Prime is a hormonal remedy with moderate androgenic activi..
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Stan 10 mg Prime

Description of the drug Stan 10 mg PrimeStanazolol is one of the most demanded and promoted anabolic..
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Sustanon 250 mg Prime

Sustanon 250 mg Prime is a mixture of different testosterone esters, first developed and released as..
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Tamoxifen 20 mg Prime

Tamoxifen 20 mg Prime is a modern drug that is used by bodybuilders after a steroid course. Many ath..
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Testosterone C 200 mg Prime

Testosterone STEROID PROFILE C 200 mg PrimeHow to use testosterone ether - injectionDuration of the ..
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Testosterone E 250 mg Prime

Today we are talking about steroid, which has a pronounced effect and androgenic qualities and is wi..
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Testosterone P 100 mg Prime

Description Testosterone P 100 mg PrimeBeginner athletes and amateurs often face the problem of gain..
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Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg Prime

Trenbolone Acetate 100 mg from PrimeTrenbolone Acetate is another sports pharmacology drug known to ..
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Trenbolone Enantate 200 mg Prime

Steroid profile of Trenbolone Enantate 200 mg PrimeThe drug has very high anabolic activity. Aromati..
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PRIME FARMACEUTICALS is a well-known manufacturer of sports pharmacology from Moldova. The company began its activity with the manufacture of veterinary medicines, but today its priority areas are anabolics, growth hormones, fat burners and other medicines that bodybuilders often use to achieve their sporting goals.

This manufacturer is very well known on the world market, so you can buy PRIME FARMACEUTICALS products in almost any country. The products are available in both injection vials and pills. EPF steroids are in demand not only among experienced bodybuilders. They are often taken by newcomers who are just beginning their journey in heavy sports.

PRIME FARMACEUTICALS has a significant role to play in the manufacture of products, thanks to which PRIME FARMACEUTICALS is constantly expanding its AAS range and improving existing medications. EPF also works with many leading sports physicians to study the effects of individual components on the athlete's body. This enables steroids to be made as safe as possible, minimising the possibility of side effects.

The company's production facilities are located in Chisinau. The company is equipped with modern equipment, with which qualified pharmacologists with many years of experience work.

Features of the company PRIME FARMACEUTICALS

PRIME FARMACEUTICALS entered the world market about 5 years ago, but its products have already earned many praise from athletes around the world. They are in greatest demand in Eastern pean countries.

Due to the growing popularity of EPF drugs, a large number of counterfeits have appeared on the market, so be careful if you decide to order the steroids "PRIME FARMACEUTICALS" and choose only verified online shops.

In order to protect its consumers, the company has increased the level of drug protection. Each bottle or blister has a unique code, which can be checked on the company's website. The code is disposable, so if it has already been used, the customer will definitely be warned about it.

PRIME FARMACEUTICALS has many competitive advantages over other pharmaceutical companies. Among them, one can highlight:

  • a powerful production and technical base;
  • a staff of qualified employees;
  • great attention to research activities;
  • a wide range of sports pharmacology and the continuous expansion of the steroid line;
  • the use of high quality raw materials, which are carefully selected and undergo several levels of purification;
  • orientation towards both experienced athletes and newcomers;
  • the probability of side effects is minimised;
  • no burning and discomfort when injecting anabolic steroids;
  • different results from AAS intake;
  • loyal pricing policy;
  • high level of protection against counterfeiting.