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Description Undestor Original 40 mg Organon

Andriol is a unique testosterone ester that can be taken orally without even throwing the liver in the trash. Surely many of you have heard about methyltestosterone and its side effects, and so, andriol in the 80s of the twentieth century and came up with as an alternative to this drug. The active ingredient in the drug is testosterone undecanoate, which is packed in special reddish brown capsules of the correct oval shape, which together allows the drug to be absorbed directly in the intestines and enter the lymphatic system, avoiding entering the liver. The fact is that the problems with the assimilation of oral testosterone are due precisely to the fact that it is destroyed, getting into the liver, and andriol is absorbed, bypassing it. But keep in mind that steroids have side effects, so you should not use them without a doctor's advice!

Undestor Original 40 mg Organon side effects

Nevertheless, before moving on to the practice of using testosterone undecanoate, a few words should be said about its side effects, as well as how not to run into a fake, and how to store the drug if you are lucky enough to get a working copy. In addition to the standard side effects in the form of acne, gynecomastia, suppression of endogenous testosterone production and others, which in this case are not very pronounced, it is worth highlighting two main side effects. Firstly, andriol greatly increases blood pressure, which promotes pumping, but overloads the cardiovascular system. Secondly, undecanoate is able to stimulate hyperactivity, overloading the central nervous system. But since we are talking about non-standard side effects, then it must be said about the non-standard benefits of the drug.

Andriol is able to retain nitrogen and sulfur, thereby stimulating hypertrophy of the muscular apparatus, as well as strengthening bone tissue. All other positive properties of the drug are standard and very slightly expressed, which is mainly due to weak pharmacodynamics. At the same time, the pluses include the fact that the drug is rarely counterfeited, and it is quite easy to verify its authenticity.

How to draw up a course andriol Organon

For "liverworts": Andriol can be combined with a deck, testosterone undecanoate should be taken at 240-480 mg per day, which equals 6-12 capsules, decanoate at 200-400 mg per week, the duration of the course is 6-8 weeks, after the deck is canceled, 2 more it is worth taking Andriol solo for a week, after which you can start post-cycle therapy.
For beginners: it is best to put Andriol solo, dosages from 120 to 240 mg per day, if the effect is not felt, then you can add 30 mg of oxana per day, the duration of the course is 6-8 weeks, PCT can be started immediately after all drugs are canceled. This course will allow you to gain very high-quality muscle mass, however, quite a bit, up to three kilograms, no more.

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