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Turagen muscle building steroid is produced by the world-famous sports pharmacology company Genetic Lab. The manufacturer is known for the quality and effectiveness of its products. Turagen is no exception. Its anabolic activity is characterized by the value of 180 percent of testosterone - a powerful indicator. However, the androgenic effect is moderate and remains half as low as testosterone. The drug's active ingredient is chlorodehydromoethyltestosterone.

Advantages of Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs

  • It provides significant muscle mass gain, which is achieved gradually;
  • Increases the strength performance of the athlete;
  • Increases the body's endurance, which means better tolerability of loads;
  • Increases libido;
  • In addition, natural testosterone in the body quickly recovers;
  • The drug is not aromatized;
  • The liquid in the tissues does not get trapped.

Course and dosage of Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs

Turagen from Genetics Lab is produced in the form of pills - the drug is taken orally. The package contains 100 packs of 12 mg of active ingredient each. The precise plan of administration should help a sports doctor make a plan - it will take into account the characteristics of the athlete's body, his predisposition to side effects, the intensity of training and the quality of his diet. We do not recommend taking Turagen without specialist advice. On average, the course lasts from one and a half to two months. You should take up to 40 mg of the drug every day. Experienced athletes multiply the dosage - sometimes even 150 mg per day. This way, both beginners and professionals can include Turagen in their training plan.

Side effects of Turinagen 10 mg Genetic Labs

On the whole, the drug is safe enough for the athlete if you strictly follow the specialist's plan and do not increase the dosage and duration of the course. The side effects include negative effects on the athlete's liver and erectile dysfunction.

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