Trenbolone Enantate 200 mg Prime | EPC-0069

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Steroid profile of Trenbolone Enantate 200 mg from Prime

Trenbolone Enantate 200 mg from Prime has very high anabolic activity. Aromatization (conversion to estrogens): none. Hmm, this is probably why it has become so popular, because it cannot be flavoured into estrogens under the influence of aromatization. That is to say that there are no such side effects as: gynaecomastia, fluid accumulation.

  • Toxic effect on the kidneys: no.
  • Hepatoxicity (toxicity to the liver): not proven in moderate doses.
  • Mode of use: injections.
  • Drug action: depends on the ether (acetate: 1 - 2 days, enanthate: 8 days, parabolan: 10 days).
  • Recommended dosages: depends on the ether (acetate 50 mg if daily, 100 mg if daily; enantate and parabolan 300 mg per week).
  • Time of drug discovery: up to 5 months.

Trenbolone Enantate from Prime is a very strong steroid that helps to increase muscle and physical strength quickly. The drug has high anabolic activity and an androgenic effect, is not flavoured and is an effective fat burner. You can buy Trenbolon Enantat from Prime on our website at an affordable price.

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Effects Trenbolone Enantate from Prime

The main effects of taking the product are:

  • A significant increase in the quality of muscles.
  • Physical strength is increased.
  • Burns fat cells.
  • Decreases the amount of cortisol.
  • Increases libido.
  • Does not convert to estrogens.
  • Low hepatotoxicity.

How to use Trenbolone Enantate 200 mg in England

The duration of Trenbolone Enantate 200 mg is quite long, which is why it should be administered no more than 2 times a week, breaking down a weekly dose into 2-3 doses of 200 mg each.

The duration of taking Trenbolone should not exceed 8 weeks, provided that it also requires gonadotropin. Without it, the course duration should not exceed 6 weeks.

Side effects of Trenbolone Enantate

Trenbolone Enantate 200 mg from Prime should be taken as recommended to avoid adverse side effects such as skin problems, hair loss and testicular atrophy. Taking medications such as Proviron or Horagon will also help to avoid side effects.

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Active substance: Trenbolone
Active ingredient, mg: 200
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Prime
Packing: Bottle

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