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Tiros is the commercial name of the thyroid product, which is produced by Moldovan sports pharmacology manufacturer PharmaCom Labs. Lyothyronine (triiodothyronine) is actively used as a slimming agent because its use is very effective in reducing fat accumulation.

Fears about the suppression of thyroid activity, which produces thyroxine, have not been confirmed by studies. It has been established that the reduction in endogenous hormone secretion has barely reached 20% with a three-week high dose of the drug. Within a month, the normal functioning of the thyroid gland was restored.

What effect does Tiros have?

The drug is more effective than the vast majority of other fat incinerators. Under its influence:

  • metabolic processes are accelerated;
  • reduces appetite, which additionally contributes to weight loss;
  • heat is generated more intensely and fat tissue accumulation is reduced;
  • the central nervous system is activated;
  • endurance and performance are significantly increased. As the need for sleep is also reduced, the ability to do much more during the day than before is increased.

These effects of Farmakom's Tiroz action are attracting interest among fans of fitness and bodybuilding. Representatives of the power sports disciplines use it for drying cycles, achieving greater muscle definition.

How is it suggested to take the weight loss product?

The course lasts four to seven weeks. Initially, two equal doses of 50 mg thyroxine are taken in the morning. To eliminate excessive strain on the heart, metoprolol, 25 mg, is taken in the morning. If your heart rate is noticeably higher in the afternoon, another 25 mg of metoprolol is added. Gradually, the daily dosage of Tyros from Pharmacom Labs is brought to 150-300 mg. Three doses per day are taken until six o'clock at night. In parallel, the daily metoprolol dosage rises and can reach 100 mg. Metoprolol is taken twice a day, and the dosage is adjusted so that the heart rate does not exceed 60-70 beats per minute. Two weeks before the end of the course, the thyros dosage starts to decrease smoothly.

If there are negative side effects, it is sufficient to reduce the dosage of the weight loss agent. To reduce fat accumulation more effectively, the drug can be used in combination with clenbuterol and yohimbine (in a 5:8:1 ratio). It binds to adrenornoreceptors, through which the effects of yohimbine and clenbuterol are manifested, resulting in an increased fat burning effect. This three-week course can be simplified by excluding yohimbine as the most expensive component.

During the first three days, 5 mg of yohimbine, 25 mg of tyros and 40 mg of clenbuterol are taken. In the next three-day cycle, the dosages are doubled. On the seventh to ninth day, the initial dosage is taken twice during the day - in the morning and in the afternoon. This is followed by a gradual decrease, reaching values that are half as low as the initial doses on the penultimate three-day cycle and four times as low on the last one.

Which side effects of the drug may be encountered

A significant impact on the organism is associated with the possibility of various negative side effects. The instructions for the product describe all likely cases in detail, indicating how to proceed in each case. A manifestation is not excluded:

  • tachycardia and hypertension. For prophylaxis, metoprolol adreno-blocker is used, the dosage of which is regulated on the basis of pulse rate and blood pressure level, which
  • should not rise above 140/90;
  • heaviness in the heart area. When symptoms appear, it is taken after eating asparke. The potassium and magnesium contained in it will help to restore heart rhythm. In addition,
  • you can use riboxin to replenish your myocardium with energy;
  • diarrhoea, which can be helped by loperamide;
  • insomnia;
  • allergic rash;
  • increased sweating;
  • fever;
  • muscle shivering.

Normal thyroid function will recover within three to four weeks. Despite having detailed instructions for the drug, you should consult your doctor before starting a weight loss course to identify any contraindications.

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