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Testosterone U is a powerful injectable steroid produced by Balkan Pharmaceuticals. The drug is a full analogue of the drug called Nebido from the pharmaceutical company Bayer Pharmaceuticals AG, and they are absolutely identical in principle, but the price of Testosterone u from the Balkan is 15 times lower than its German counterpart.

Testosterone undecanoate is actively used in sports practice by bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters and weightlifters - all categories of athletes, where the main role in the formation of beautiful physical fitness plays muscle building and strength performance. The drug is also used for medical purposes to treat men suffering from hypodynamism - suppression of natural testosterone production in the body.

The action of Testosteron Undecanate

The main active ingredient of injection steroid is the complex long ether of testosterone. Its characteristic feature is a stable, even hormonal background for 2 weeks after injection. Testosterone u does not have a high androgenic effect, so athletes rarely encounter gynaecomastia, fluid retention and other negative estrogen-dependent side reactions. To a small extent, the drug inhibits the production of its own testosterone.

Effect of taking Testosterone U (Testosteron Undecanate)

Balkan testosterone u is an indispensable product for power sports representatives. Athletes use this injectable steroid to achieve the following positive effects:

  • increase in muscle mass;
  • strengthening bone tissue and ligaments;
  • normalisation of the formation of male sex hormones and a number of secondary male sexual traits - male hair growth, male facial features, low voice timbre;
  • spermatogenesis stimulation and improved sexual behaviour, increased libido;
  • increased phosphorus exchange and normalisation of the nitrogen balance;
  • increased emotional health, improved mood, increased stimulation for workouts;
  • accelerated erythrocyte production, which increases the oxygen mass in the blood and, as a result, endurance.

In order to achieve the maximum effect from steroid intake, we should not forget about regular intensive strength training, diluted with cardio sessions. Also, do not forget about a special sports diet with plenty of protein food, which will help to boost muscle growth as quickly as possible.

How to take

Although injection steroid is active in the body for 14 days, balkan pharma testosterone undecanoate 250mg ml should be injected once a week. One ampoule contains 4 ml of oil solution and one ml of 250mg active substance. Optimum course duration is 2 months.

Side effects of Testosteron Undecanate

Undecanoate testosterone Balkan at the right dosages and lack of individual intolerance to the active component cannot cause adverse reactions, otherwise the following deviations may occur:

  • an increase in blood pressure;
  • excessive excitement, aggressiveness and irritability;
  • acne;
  • excessive growth of body hair and baldness on the head.

These side effects are temporary and often disappear after stopping steroid intake.


Professional athletes rarely use this drug in their solo courses, but combine it with other steroids. But before taking it, the contraindications to which it applies must be eliminated:

  • neoplasms in the prostate and mammary gland;
  • high blood pressure;
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.
  • Women do not want to use this steroid because of the risk of virilisation.


Because of the ability of injection steroid to have a negligible effect on testosterone production two weeks after the last injection, post-course therapy using clomide or tamoxifene in doses as for the lightest course is necessary.

Testosterone, Testosterone undecanoate
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1 ampoule, ml
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Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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1 ampoule, Packing (10 ampoules)

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