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This Iranian testosterone propionate can have effective application both in sports practice and in Medicine, respectively as a drug or doping agent. In sports, it is relevant for most modern disciplines due to a wide spectrum of action; in turn in Medicine, like analogues of other manufacturers, can be used in hormone replacement therapy or even the treatment of breast cancer.

Testosterone Propionate: Description

The eponymous active substance of the drug is one of the most popular testosterone esters. It is a steroid of 100 percent anabolic activity and 100 percent androgenic of endogenous testosterone and lasting about 1-2 days. Due to the low duration of action for sports purposes, its frequent use is necessary. As a rule, to maintain the necessary concentration of the substance, injections are performed at a frequency every other day or at least two days later.

Applying as a sports drug, Testosterone Propionate is to provide the results are pronounced knotted on strengthening anabolism and stimulation of androgen activity: quality muscle growth, because water retention during moderation, practically non-existent), increased strength of the athlete, increased endurance, increased density and depth of muscles, increased libido during the course (strengthening sexual desire and activity).

Others include the effects of the development of secondary male sexual characteristics and a decrease in the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Testosterone propio is considered one of the mildest testosterone esters, however, this does not exclude the risk of side effects. Men who perform its injections may face disorders of an androgenic or estrogenic nature. The first is the symptoms of gynecomastia (rare), fluid retention (usually insignificant), increased pressure; the second is acne, increased skin fat and sweating, male pattern baldness

For women, Testosterone propionate from Iran is dangerous in the first place by virilization. In theory, the application can be relatively safe, but only in reduced doses of about 25-50 mg in 5-7 days (perhaps up to 100 mg). Otherwise, the side effects of virilization (from voice numbness to hairiness) are difficult to avoid.

Testosterone Propionate many reviews describe it as a quality steroid, at least, not inferior to analogues of other companies. It is an excellent choice for beginners in the initial stages, without high risk of side effects, and even for experienced athletes for combined courses. You can get acquainted with specific statements or leave a personal opinion on this page in the store or on the forum of the resource (registration is simple).

How to take Testosterone propionate ?

For the use of this steroid, like other testosterone preparations, it is recommended mainly to men. It is well suited for quality muscle growth, strength sports and even drying courses according to priorities.

Testosterone propionate dosage is recommended to the athlete, either 100-200 mg every other day or two days later. Overestimated doses are almost not useful, but the risk of side effects can increase significantly. That is, for most applications, the recommended doses are optimal.

With the dosage of the drug in general, there should be no difficulties. The concentration of the substance is convenient - in an ampoule of 100 mg per 1 ml, which facilitates the process. For the administration of 100 mg of steroid you need exactly 1 ml, for 200 mg – respectively 2 ml.

The course of the use of Iranian testosterone propionate is often combined. It pairs perfectly with most of the relevant AAS in sports - from Stanozolol to Trenbolone-that athletes enjoy. The choice of a specific communication depends on the application itself, namely the goals, experience and level of training.

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Testosterone, Testosterone Propionato
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