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Testosterone propionate

Testosterone propionate from the Bulgarian company CYGNUS Pharmaceutical Group is in great demand by buyers. The drug was developed in a modern laboratory, and the raw materials are of natural origin. The company carefully monitors compliance with workplace safety standards. The product has high chemical characteristics, so customers can be sure of their choice.

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What is the difference between different testosterone esters? Buy Testosterone propionate can not only professionals, but also beginners in the field of bodybuilding. First, the choice in his favor is associated with a high duration of action. Penetrating into the blood, the active component begins to immediately affect the body, helping to increase efficiency during training and reduce the recovery time of the body. Testosterone propionate is less associated with fluid accumulation in the body. Because of this, the mass that will be obtained when taking the substance is better. During drying, the rollback will be minimal, which is good news for bodybuilders.

Since Testosterone Propionate was created by specialists, and the formula is constantly developing, today it has become a combination of the best qualities of other substances of this group. The androgen index has reached a significant mark, so already in the first week from the moment of admission, you can achieve a serious result. In addition to increasing muscle mass, there is a significant increase in appetite and strength indicators. Athletes note that energy reserves and athletic aggression persist throughout the course. It helps to reach new heights.

Buy Testosterone Propionate today is not difficult. You just need to choose the right dosage, which will help you achieve the desired result. Beginners usually use up to 100 mg per injection. More experienced bodybuilders can increase the dosage, although experts recommend doing 50 mg injections 3 times a week, which is enough to improve the results. On our website you can buy Testosterone propionate and get detailed advice.

Active substance
Testosterone Propionato
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1 bottle, ml
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CYGNUS pharmaceuticals group

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