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Description Testosterone P 100 mg Prime

Beginner athletes and amateurs often face the problem of gaining muscle mass. The fact is that many people do not have the opportunity to gain quality muscle because of their individual body characteristics. Steroids of various types are also available to help. The ether of testosterone is particularly appreciated by athletes in professional sports. This hormone is present in the body of men throughout their lives and is produced in various quantities.

By increasing the amount of the substance in the blood, muscle mass gain is accelerated by several times. This group of drugs differs from other steroids in that it has the fastest effect and no negative effects. The only disadvantage of the steroid is its aromatisation. In order to reduce the likelihood of this problem, it is necessary to use aids (Clomide, Tamoxifen, Letrozol, Proviron). This group of antiestrogens will make it possible to take a course with maximum comfort and maintain volume for a long time. You should not ignore these recommendations and postpone recovery therapy.

Standard dosage of Testosterone P 100 mg Prime injections

Hormonal therapy requires a precise approach to the calculation of dosage as well as compliance with the scheme. Injections need to be made every day for 8 weeks. It is better to use different muscle areas to avoid thickening (bumps) and painful sensations. It is important to start taking antiestrogens in the second week of the course. In this way you will protect your body from the consequences and get rid of discomfort. The dosage for inexperienced athletes is no more than 50 mg per day; chemists use up to 100 mg per day. It is not worth increasing the amount of steroid to combine it with other similar drugs. A popular binder among bodybuilders is the compound with Methane or Nandrolon.

Action during the Testosterone P 100 mg Prime course

  • Increasing the amount of testosterone in the body.
  • An increase in sexual activity.
  • An increase in quality muscles without harm to health.
  • Prevention of muscle tissue decay.
  • Rapid recovery after active workout.
  • Normalisation of digestion and sleep patterns.
  • Increase in strength and endurance.
  • Cellular oxygen saturation.
  • High rate of tissue regeneration after injuries.
  • Strengthening immunity.
  • Positive impact on bones and joints.
  • Accelerated metabolism.
  • Specifications
    Active substance
    Testosterone, Testosterone Propionato
    Active ingredient, mg
    Release form
    1 bottle, ml
    Bottles in the package, pcs

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