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Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a steroid based on Testosterone Enanthate. It refers to long-acting anabolic steroids. In all its effects, as well as in its chemical structure, it resembles a natural male sex hormone, having all its advantages.

Effects of taking Testosterone enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals has anabolic and androgenic properties.  It builds muscle mass. This is partly due to the growth of muscle fibres, partly due to the pumped-up water in the muscles.  General stimulation of growth and recovery processes in the body. Regeneration increases, which means faster recovery after workout and less muscle pain.  Increased endurance and vitality. You will be able to train again and again in the gym without getting tired. Increasing the number of red blood cells and the total volume of circulating blood. Your muscles begin to get more oxygen-rich blood. They increase metabolic processes and the veins under your skin look poured.  The bone tissue becomes stronger, but the growth process stops. This is why the product can only be used by adult athletes whose bodies are already fully formed.

Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals - side effects

Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg Balkan Pharmaceuticals suppresses the production of its own testosterone. This is why Testosterone E and other analogues of Testosterone are often supplemented with antiestrogenic drugs, testosterone boosters. Most of the side effects are due to its aromatisation. Being testosterone by nature, testosterone enantate carries all standard androgenic side effects, such as skin greasiness, acne, increased aggressiveness, growth of body and face hair, male type baldness. People aged or sensitive to hair loss should replace testosterone esters with esters of boldenone or nandrolone, which have slightly fewer side effects.

Although testosterone is a long ether, most athletes prefer frequent injections of testosterone. The usual dosage is 250-750mg per week, which is enough for normal muscle growth and good strength. Those who want even more weight can add methandienone or oximetallone to their testoenate. If an athlete wants to maintain a more or less good traceability, he or she can use the testooenate ligaments from nandrolone decanoate or boldenone undsesilinate, which allows us to lower our enanthate dosages. It should also be noted that the use of testosterone enanthate quickly suppresses the production of our own testosterone, so post-course therapy with gonadotropin or clomide is required to avoid collapsing results.

Testosterone, Testosterone enanthate
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1 ampoule, ml
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Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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