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Characteristics of Testosterona E 250 mg by Prime

The working time of an Testosterona E 250 mg by Prime inside the body of any athlete is usually up to 15 days on average. In the case of a vitamin test, it can be found in the blood for up to 3 months.

It has no toxic effect on the normal functioning of the liver. It significantly inhibits the hypothalamus-pituitary testicle axis. Possesses a high level of aromatization.

Special flavouring inhibitors should be taken to avoid side effects. Testosterone E in England is sought after by those athletes who are interested in a quick selection of quality general muscles.

Effects Testosterona E by Prime

The comprehensive effect after the course Testosterone E 250 mg by Prime includes a number of guaranteed results, which can be obtained if properly received. These include:

  • a noticeable increase in the average quality of muscles;
  • an increase in the coefficient of physical strength and endurance;
  • the elimination of existing joint discomfort;
  • stimulation of regeneration processes;
  • an increase in the oxygen mass of blood;
  • the phenomenon of pumping.

Testosterone E 250 mg solo and combined courses in England

Before planning the Testosterone E 250 mg reception course, it is recommended to obtain specialist advice. This is particularly relevant for beginners.

Based on important data such as sex, age, experience in sports and vitamin intake, the doctor will help you to adjust the recommended average doses and make an individual course.

The solo course usually lasts no longer than 2 months, i.e. 8 weeks. The working weekly dosage of Testosterone E 250 mg Prime is 250 - 750 mg. An increase in the dosage is not justified, and can only cause side effects.

Since the drug itself mainly works to increase the overall musculature, athletes use it in combination with other drugs to solve other tasks. In this case, the quantity of each drug should be identical to the minimum dose offered for the solo course.

When combining the drugs, do not forget to purchase anti-estrogens as well as gonadotropin. Cortisol blockers are commonly used as PCTs to prevent the phenomenon of kickback. Practice shows that it is possible to achieve better results if you take quality sports nutrition.

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Side effects of Testosterone

The bypasses are usually oestrogenic in nature. But if you 'smoke' the product in the medium working dose and do not delay the course, you can usually avoid them.

In other cases, unwanted reactions from the body are possible, such as:

  • gynaecomastia;
  • swelling;
  • acne;
  • fat deposits;
  • pressure surges.

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Active substance: Testosterone, Testosterone enantato
Active ingredient, mg: 250
Release form: Bottle
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Prime

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