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Testosterone Cypionate (Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg)

Testosterone From CYGNUS is one of the longest and most widely available testosterone esters to date. The main half-life of such a drug is approximately 14-16 days. This ether is produced in the form of an oil solution. Most often, this drug is used for a high-quality set of muscle mass, both single and combined (mixed) courses.

In the human body, testosterone cypionate is used as an individual testosterone-the natural sex hormone of men, responsible for a significant number of emotional and various physical qualities of men. This remedy causes an increase in libido, sexual desire, as well as a coarsening of the voice, significant muscle growth and healthy aggression.

Like other injectable forms of testosterone, cypionate causes a significant increase in strength and such desired muscle mass during the course. Provided that testosterone is easily converted to estrogens, about 30% of the total mass is accounted for by free fluid, which rapidly decreases immediately after the end of this course.

It is for this reason that this preparation is practically not suitable for getting a cycle. An excessively high level of estrogen caused by taking testosterone cypionate can quickly lead to gynecomastia (soreness, tightness or swelling in the nipple area). To prevent this side effect, it is recommended to take auxiliary drugs of the aromatase inhibitor group, such as letrozole or anastrazole.

The Course of Cypionate

Due to the relatively long duration of the drug, injections of cypionate are performed only once a week to maintain the concentration of the substance at a sufficiently high level.

The average dosage is 250 to 500 mg of b-va per week, provided that the desired muscle mass is achieved. But, even when using the above-mentioned drug "solo", it gives excellent results. Practice suggests that higher doses do not lead to better results, as the risk of side effects increases dramatically. A course of testosterone cypionate in combination with any other drug leads to synergy.


There is no need to argue – all athletes and athletes who take or have previously taken a course of testosterone cypionate are undoubtedly satisfied with the result. Such athletes recommend this tool to future generations of bodybuilders, athletes and powerlifters who want to bring their body to perfection.

During the long-term cooperation of the service "Himko" with the company CYGNUS Pharm, we have not met a single negative review of either testosterone cypionate or other products produced by this company. Everyone was undoubtedly happy with their results after the course.

On our forum Himko.net You will notice a huge number of reviews, comments, tests and photos of athletes who have taken high-quality testosterone cypionate.

Active substance
Testosterone, Testosterone Cipionato
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1 bottle, ml
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