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Test C (Balkan) 1 amp is a steroid preparation with the active chemical testosterone cipionate, the longest of the four esters of testosterone. The substance has a half-life of 15-16 days and half-life of 6 to 8 days. Testesterone C produced by the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an oil solution for injection in 1ml ampoules with a concentration of the active chemical 200mg/ml. In sports practice, the product is widely used due to the effects produced on the athlete's body.

These effects include

  • a significant increase in muscle mass,
  • tangible improvement in physical strength indicators.

The drug's action is similar to that of a person's own testosterone, the main male hormone, so taking the drug helps to increase sexual desire and aggression. Due to its high aromatisation, the drug provokes fluid accumulation in the user's body, so its use is more effective in combination with other steroids. For example, combinations of testosterone with metandrostenolone, stasolol (winstrol), nandrolone and trenbolone are common. Testesterone C refers to long-lasting esters, but it is still recommended that injections are given once a week. The average dose is between 250 and 500mg per week, depending on the athlete's physical condition, experience with steroids and goals. As for the side effects, due to the high androgenic and anabolic activity of the drug, they occur quite frequently and strongly.

These are among them:

  • acne,
  • high pressure,
  • gynecomastia,
  • a temporary decrease in the production of own testosterone by an athlete's body,
  • Increased secretion of skin fat,
  • growth of body and face hair.
  • Users with a genetic predisposition may lose male hair.

In order to reduce the risk of such negative effects, it is recommended that the Testesterone C course be supplemented with antiestrogens and that a puncture of chorionic gonadotropin be made 6-8 weeks after the start of the course.

Testosterone, Testosterone cypionate
Active ingredient, mg
1 ampoule, ml
Ampoules per package, pcs
Balkan Pharmaceuticals
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1 ampoule, Packing (10 ampoules)

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