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Description of Testosteron Depo (Testosteron Enanthat) от Galenika

Testosteron Depo (Testosteron Enanthat) 250 mg Galenika is an injection steroid-based oil designed to slowly release testosterone from injection. The concentrations of this hormone in the serum will increase over several days and remain elevated for a fortnight. This can take up to three weeks for this drug to work completely out of your system. Testosterone enantate is the most popular prescribed testosterone for treating hypogonadism and many other androgen deficiency disorders. Patients take advantage of the fact that this drug is long lasting, as it cuts down on the number of injections that need to be taken.

Indication for Testosteron Depo (Testosteron Enanthat)

Testosterone is very powerful, and it comes with many serious side effects that are the result of testosterone in estrogen. These side effects can make it difficult to stay with testosterone enantate throughout the cycle. Water retention can be very noticeable with this drug, affecting muscle definition. It can also induce the body to store excess fat, making muscles look smaller than they do.

To help compensate for these and other side effects, consider using an auxiliary drug such as Nolvadex or Proviron. Some better options include Arimidex, Fermara or Aromasin. These drugs will help to reduce the anabolic effects of androgens in cycles. If you see swelling under your nipples, you may develop gynaecomastia. You need to take care of it right away, or it will lead to small lumps growing under the nipples, which are swollen with pain.

Side effects of Testosteron Depo (Testosteron Enanthat) 250 mg Galenika

You can expect to find all the side effects of conventional testosterone from this drug, including oily skin, acne, aggressive behaviour, unwanted body hair and male alopecia. Older people often miss out on testosterone products at all and use anabolic Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise mildly because they offer fewer side effects.

The normal dosage of testosterone is enanthate-250 mg to 750 mg per week. This amount will give you very fast weight gain as well as strength. Your muscles will become very strong, but again, these side effects can interfere with the effects. You may decide that the best option is to add oral drugs like Anadrol or Dianabol. The combinations work very well. Adjuvant drugs such as Nolva or Clomid are used after the cycle period to help maintain muscle mass.

    Active substance
    Testosterone, Testosterone enantato
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    1 bottle, ml
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    Packing (5 ampoules), Ampoule

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