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Testo Ripped 250 mg by Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a powerful anabolic steroid that is widely used by bodybuilders, weightlifters and triathletes. It allows you to build muscle mass, increase strength indicators, which makes it possible to prepare for competitions.

Features of the drug Testo Ripped 250 mg by Magnus Pharmaceuticals

  • The Ripped dough is available in an injectable form. Its composition: Trenbolone Acetate-75 mg, Drostanolone Propionate-75 mg, Testosterone Propionate-100 mg. The anabolic index of the drug is 500% of testosterone.
  • This is a short-acting drug. The ratio of its components is selected so correctly that the steroid demonstrates high performance. It replaces a full-fledged combined course, which allows you to save money and reduce the frequency of injections. The phenomenon of rollback after the end of the reception will be minimal.
  • The effect of the application
  • Athletes who take the Dough Ripped, note such its positive properties:
  • weight gain-5-7 kg per course;
  • increase in strength and endurance indicators;
  • increased libido;
  • achieving a moderate fat burning effect;
  • reducing the concentration of bad cholesterol;
  • prevention of the development of coronary disease.

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Together with proper nutrition, the course of the steroid contributes to the formation of high-quality muscle mass with a beautiful drawing. To form a beautiful musculature, you need to train regularly.

Recommendations for use Testo Ripped by Magnus Pharmaceuticals in England

Safe and effective dosages of Testo Ripped are 250-450 mg per week. The course is 9-12 weeks. Beginners are recommended to start getting acquainted with sports pharmacology with a minimum dosage. Experienced athletes can increase it to 750 mg – this is the maximum amount of the drug, which is not recommended to exceed.

Determine the optimal dosage should be a specialist, taking into account the experience of the athlete, the goals set, the individual characteristics of the body. A well-designed course will give you the opportunity to see the result from the very first days of admission.

Testo Ripped 250 mg is effective both solo and in combination with other steroids. So, for drying and forming a high-quality relief, the drug is combined with Winstrol or Anavar. After the end of the reception, it is important to conduct a PCT for 2 weeks.

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Side effects Testo Ripped 250 mg

Exceeding dosages or prolonging the course Testo Ripped 250 mg by Magnus Pharmaceuticals can lead to negative consequences. It can be such manifestations:

  • insomnia;
  • high pressure;
  • fat content of the skin.

The color of the urine in a reddish color does not indicate kidney damage. This is evidence of the release of metabolites from the body.

Active substance: Testosterone
Active ingredient, mg: 250
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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