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Description Test Undecanoate 250 mg by Magnus Pharmaceuticals

As the title indicates, this steroid should not be taken on short courses at all. Test Undecanoate 250 mg by Magnus Pharmaceuticals is most often taken precisely on GST, which can last up to 4 months or more.

In addition to the injectable versions of the Undecanoate test, there are two oral versions: Methyltestosterone and Andriol. Testosterone Undecanoate, is also an oily ester and is virtually no different from its oral counterparts in composition.

The only difference is that both the positive and side effects of this drug are more mild, for a reason that will be discussed below. However, it stabilizes the androgen receptor no worse than injectable esters.

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Test Undecanoate by Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Test Undecanoate is prescribed to increase insufficient endogenous testosterone levels, as well as to reduce the signs of hypogonadism.

The nature of the action of this drug is explained by the following properties:

  • Androgenic (affects the testicular appendage, seminal vesicles, prostate gland);
  • Protein-anabolic (effects on bones, muscles, kidneys, hematopoietic system, liver).

In men who suffer from hypogonadism, testosterone undecanoate reduces adipose tissue mass and increases nonfat body mass. It also prevents bone loss and promotes bone growth, improves sexual function and has positive psychotropic effects.

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Contraindications Test Undecanoate 250 mg

You should not take Test Undecanoate in such cases:

  • Men: in case of carcinoma of the breast or prostate or if such a diagnosis is suspected.
  • Women: During pregnancy or while breastfeeding.
  • Caution should be exercised when taking the drug in adolescents.

Applications in England

In bodybuilding Test Undecanoate 250 mg by Magnus Pharmaceuticals is most often used in combination with Deca Nandrolone (250 mg per week for 8-10 weeks).

These preparations are compatible and they are extremely fast and allow you to build up beautiful and sculpted muscles with minimum side effects.

These drugs are injected intramuscularly, and after the course of mandatory recovery (with 5-alpha-reductase). Starting from the 5th week Proferon can also be added to the course, and 3 weeks after its completion - Clomid.

This will help to achieve maximum efficiency in building muscle mass and stamina, and at the same time to minimize the risk of side effects. But the androgenic effect will be strong, so that natural testosterone levels will decrease.

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Active substance: Testosterone undecanoate
Active ingredient, mg: 250
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals
Packing: Bottle

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