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TB-500 is a peptide for fast recovery

TB-500 is a peptide hormone that promotes rapid recovery of connective tissues such as joints, ligaments and tendons. It also accelerates tissue healing after injuries, makes an athlete more resilient by making ligaments flexible, and the positive effects do not end there. Tb 500 can be purchased in a specialized online sports shop, which offers a wide range of products for athletes.

Description of the peptide TB 500

Thymosin beta-4 is a unique hormone, which is present in all tissues, cells and fluids in the human body and its main task is to ensure fast regeneration of tissues and enhance protective functions of the body. The hormone was first discovered in the thymus gland of the bovine, and subsequently in humans. What is the thymus? It is an organ where the maturation and training of immune T-lymphocytes takes place. That is, its main task is to protect and maintain immunity, as well as to provide resistance to infections, viruses and other foreign substances. Tb 500 price is considered to be a synthetic analogue of endogenous thymosin beta-4.

Tb 500 - effects on joints

The joints suffer the most from intensive exercise aimed at building quality muscle mass. As they do not always keep up with the growth of skeletal muscles, they are destroyed. The task of thymzin beta-4 is to prevent these destructive processes.

TB-500 acts as an aid to chondrocytes, whose function is to synthesise and release components of intercellular substance, which help to form new cartilage tissue. Chondrocytes increase the mass of cartilage within and ensure smooth and pain-free movement of the joints. Another invaluable benefit of thymosin beta-4 is the peptide's ability to act on the movement of stem cells to destructive sites in joints.

TB-500 and vision

Scientists have proven that thymosin beta-4 has a positive effect on vision. If a person has had corneal damage, taking the peptide will restore the balance of the substances that control the cornea.

TB-500 and the heart muscle

As a result of experiments performed on mice, which consisted in subjecting the animals to artificial infarction and their subsequent recovery after the disease, it was found that a shot of tb-500 reduces the heart damage by 43%.

Effect on tissue regeneration and healing after injuries

Thymosin beta-4 has other unique qualities. It promotes fast healing of wounds, which is due to its ability to deliver stem cells quickly to the sites of wounds and injuries. Injections are given directly to the site of wounds, abrasions, cuts, sprains and other injuries.

The course of TB-500

Its application may be divided into several regimens with different purposes. If there are no joint problems and tb-500 is to be used as a prophylactic measure, a dosage of 200 mg once a day should be sufficient. If the purpose of using the peptide is to relieve joint pain, osteochondrosis pain, or inflammation, a dosage of 500 mcg once daily for a month or two is recommended. TV500 should also be combined with anabolic steroids for lean body mass gain.

The action of such anabolic steroids can disrupt joint lubrication, and, due to the rapid growth of muscle, there will be a heavy load on joints, which leads to injuries and destruction of joints. A dosage of 500 µg once daily for the duration of the steroid course would be sufficient.

Calculation of the drug dosage

For 2 ml of water for injection, there is 2 mg of dry substance. It turns out that per 1 ml, which is equivalent to one insulin syringe, is 1000 micrograms. Accordingly, if a person needs a dose of 200 micrograms, the syringe would need to be filled by 20 divisions. If the dose is 500 micrograms, the mark is 50 divisions.

Where to buy TB-500

There are a large number of online sports pharmacology shops, one of which is our online shop, where peptide tb 500 is available at a price that will please customers. All our customers can expect quality service and fast delivery of original products at affordable prices.

Active substance: Peptide
Active ingredient, mg: 2
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Canada Peptides
Packing: Bottle

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