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The preparation Sustanon 10 ml 250 mg each is anabolic steroid, which is used in therapeutic practice and sports. The active ingredient consists of testosterone esters that have different duration of action and complement each other.

At us it is possible to order Sustanan 10 ml for 250 mg at an advantageous price. Anabolic steroid stimulates increased production of protein, accelerates aging and release into the bloodstream of red blood cells, works like a fat burner.

The use of Sustanana promotes rapid healing of tissues after injuries, in men it increases libido and normalizes erectile function.

Composition SP Sustanon Forte 250 mg SP Laboratories

  • Main ingredient - testosterone esters: decanoate, phenylpropionate, isocapronate, propionate
  • auxiliary component - vegetable oil

Testimonies SP Sustanon Forte 250 mg SP Laboratories

Sustanan is shown for:

  • compensation for endogenous testosterone deficiency in hypogonadism;
  • acceleration of tissue regeneration of the process after injuries, operations, burns.
  • Athletes use Sustanan injection to increase the volume of muscles, increase strength and endurance.

Dosage SP Sustanon Forte 250 mg SP Laboratories

To treat anabolic is prescribed in a dose of 250 mg, injections are made deep into the muscle once in 21 days. In athletes the course lasts more than 10 weeks. The injections are made weekly once every 250-500 mg. The exact amount of the drug is calculated by weight of the athlete, as well as take into account the experience of using anabolics.

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