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Supertest (Supertest 450)

The steroid "Supertest 450" is also known by the trade name "sustanon". The composite nature of this steroid allows it to work effectively as a long-acting drug, which creates a real opportunity to give up too frequent injections, which is why many athletes want to buy Supertest 450 at SP Labs. It is often reported about such a disadvantage of this drug, as its high tendency to aromatization. However, this is typical for any form of testosterone and a number of other steroids. Fortunately, this difficulty is easily eliminated with a well-designed course, in particular with the inclusion of anti-estrogenic drugs, the use of which is necessary during the course. Given this, such a conditional disadvantage should not affect the decision to purchase the Supertest 450 from SP Laboratories. The price of Supertest 450 from SP Laboratories is quite high, the steroid belongs to the category of medium or high price group. However, if your goal is to build muscle mass, then the funds spent on its purchase, of course, will be fully justified.


  • it will help in building high-quality muscles (an average gain of about 6 kg of muscle per month is possible)
  • at the same time, the steroid promotes the burning of adipose tissue, which will improve muscle relief, as
  • well as increase appetite and strength indicators (associated with an increase in metabolic rate)
  • increases the nitrogen balance and the rate of muscle protein synthesis
  • stimulates libido (high androgenic activity of the steroid)

testosterone reduces the risk of heart disease and has a strong anti-catabolic effect, thanks to hematopoiesis increases endurance, participating in the process of spermatogenesis, testosterone is also responsible for male primary and secondary sexual characteristics that determine sexual behavior

How the course of the drug is built

The solo course of the steroid "Supertest 450" is carried out for 8-10 weeks. Longer-term use of the steroid will require the use of gonadotropin, which is necessary to maintain the normal functioning of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis. The dosage for a single injection is calculated in the range of 250-500 milligrams of the drug, and the injections themselves are best done in the gluteal muscle. Injections are given at intervals of one week. During the course, it is highly desirable to take aromatase blockers, but before taking them, it is advisable to conduct an analysis for the level of estrogens in your body. Taking such drugs during the course will significantly reduce the risk of side effects, such as gynecomastia and other estrogenic "side effects". For this purpose, the drug "Anastrozole" is well suited, which is recommended to be taken at intervals of one day (0.5 mg from the 2nd week of the course and another 2 weeks after the last injection of "Supertest 450").

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