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What is SP Propionate?

It is a steroid of high anabolic and androgenic activity produced by SP Laboratories, a pharmacological company. It is based on testosterone, which is extremely popular in sports circles, testosterone propionate, a remarkable rapid and quite powerful positive effect on the human body.It is mainly used in sports practice, where quality muscles and strength are needed. For example, on SP Propionate there is a high demand in bodybuilding and power sports.

Description of SP Propionate steroid

During the course, testosterone propionate, which is the active ingredient of this anabolic drug, can have multiple positive effects. In sports and medicine, its properties are especially valuable:

  • Promotes a rapid increase in strength;
  • Burns the fat layer;
  • Significantly increases libido and sexual activity;
  • "SP Propionate 100" promotes qualitative improvement of muscles (increase in relief, stiffness and density of muscles);
  • Increases muscle mass;
  • Increases the strength of the body's bone structure;
  • Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and ischemia.

At the same time, the effect of SP Propionate (testosterone propionate) lasts, even if not so long (activity of the substance - from 24 to 48 hours), but its effects appear almost immediately after application. This, by the way, determines the frequency at which steroid injections are to be given - athletes usually inject steroids every two or three days.

How do I take SP Propionate during the course?

This anabolic can be used for a variety of purposes (drying, muscle improvement, increasing strength, etc.). In this case, it is most often used on combination courses to achieve maximum effect and results. For example, SP Propionate and stanazolol steroid can be combined to produce embossed, solid and rigid muscles. The first is used in the dosage of 100 mg and injected every two days, the second - 50 mg every two days (on PCT - Tamoxifen 20 mg per day and Veriron 50 mg per day, also after the course you can take Clenbuterol). This combination course will also affect the strength of the athlete, significantly increasing his physical performance.Other combinations of testosterone propionate are also popular in sports. For example, athletes often use the SP Propionate course (100 mg a day) + Trenbolone acetate (about 80 mg a day) + Stasolol (50 mg a day). This combination will have a positive impact on both the quality of your muscle mass and your strength and endurance, plus there will be a significant reduction in the fat layer and some other positive effects.Important: this preparation has a very convenient concentration of active ingredient, 100 mg per 1 ml, which allows you to easily calculate the necessary doses for the course. Thus, the recommended dosage of SP Propionate in 100 mg for the course is 1 ml of the preparation, the dose of 200 mg is 2 ml, etc. The volume of a barrel of injections is as much as 10 ml. This amount is enough for at least 10 days.

Active substance
Testosterone, Testosterone Propionato
Active ingredient, mg
Release form
1 bottle, ml
Bottles in the package, pcs
SP Laboratories

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