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SP Primobol is an anabolic steroid with the active ingredient Methenolone Enanthate. The product is a fairly loyal drug with a minimum number of side effects and a positive impact on the physical potential of the athlete. It is included in the cycles of preparation for the competition of many bodybuilders. It is considered a safe steroid.

Steroid SP Primobol in bodybuilding

One of the safest drugs that is used in pre-competition cycles or between main courses of steroids. It does not have progestogenic activity, does not aromatize - there are no negative effects, such as delay in non-functional weight, fluid, there is no likelihood of gynecomastia. Also SP Primobol suppresses the production of its own testosterone to a very small extent. Buy SP Primobol is an excellent solution for those who are starting their journey into the world of pharmacology, for juniors and even women.

SP Primobol in other sports

Indeed, SP Primobol is used in sports where physical indicators are important: speed, strength, endurance. Also relevant for those disciplines where it is important to maintain mass within the current weight category. SP Primobol has taken root well in tennis, boxing, swimming, athletics, weightlifting, and powerlifting.

Effects of SP Primobol

  • Increase of exceptionally dry and high quality meat
  • Fat burning effect
  • Increase in physical indicators: strength, speed, endurance
  • Preservation of muscle mass during the drying period
  • Suppression of the stress hormone cortisol

Side effects of taking SP Primobol. They simply do not exist at adequate dosages. Up to 1 gram, the drug is completely safe. There is also no toxic effect on the liver or other organs. Practically does not suppress the production of endogenous testosterone.

Dosages of SP Primobol

An effective dosage starts at 400 mg per week. A perfectly acceptable limit is 1 gram per week. The frequency of injections is 1 time per 4-7 days. You can buy SP Primobol along with other steroids and drugs to create various combinations. Most often, methenolone is used for drying or when leaving the cycle. In fact, you can turn it on for mass, but this is not completely cost-effective.

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