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The genetically modified product according to the chemical structure and pharmacological properties fully responds to natural growth hormone. It promotes the construction of muscles and increases endurance, activates the synthesis of amino acids and collagen fibers, helps to gain weight. Somatropin accelerates the growth of BONES in length and increases their mineralization

The drug regulates all types of metabolism: protein fat, carbohydrates. The drug slows the course of catabolic processes to 95%. The drug HGH Somatropin affects the work of peripheral endocrine organs: thyroid, adrenal glands, thymus, gonads.

Indications for Somatropin

The drug solution is administered 1 time a day, usually at night. It is intended for subcutaneous injections, intravenous and intramuscular administration is prohibited. Dosage for adults is 0.45-0.9 IU PER day, for children-0.7-1 Iu per kg per day

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