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Sindoxil (Sindoxil) 

Sustanon 250 is a composite testosterone that consists of four esters: 30mg of pro-pionate, 60mg of phenylpropionate, 60mg of isocapronate, and 100mg of decanoate. This combination of long and short esters allows you to quickly feel the effect of the drug and prolong its action, which together levels the steroid pits.

It is this property of sustanon that allows it to be used, both in combination with short and long esters. However, it is best to give injections 2-3 times a week, not just to reduce the spikes and downs of the steroid profile to a minimum, but to level it completely. However, if you take a "compote" of three drugs, two of which will be short, then sustanon can be put once a week.


Regardless of whether the course of sustanon is accompanied by long or short esters, it is necessary to start PKT 3 weeks after the withdrawal of the drug, so the course should be multi-component. The first 6-8 weeks you take sustanon, and then another 3 weeks put short esters, so as not to waste time in vain. The bottom line is that if you start PKT immediately, it will not give any effect, and if you wait 3 weeks, canceling all drugs, the rollback after the course will be more significant. However, right during the course, you should still take tamoxifen, since such a large number of different esters can contribute to the formation of gino. All the other side effects of sust are the same as those of all other steroids.

How to take it

You can take a course of sustanon only in the deep off-season, because, although the drug does not aromatize as much as methane, it can still fill with water. Moreover, if you are going to compete with doping control, then there is no question of any sustanon 5-6 weeks before the competition. Not only that, 5-6 weeks is its time of exposure, so the drug can still linger in the body, especially if it is a fake. Often, instead of sustanon, omnadren is slipped, which, due to the poor quality of the oil, can form cones. Cones are a kind of capsules in which the steroid is located, but they tend to open sooner or later. So it turns out that you could cancel the drug 8 weeks ago, and in fact the last time it got into the blood 4-5 weeks ago, as a result of which you were disqualified and stripped of all titles. Duration: 6-8 weeks, but after the cancellation of sustanon, it is necessary to pierce short esters for another 3 weeks, after the cancellation of which you can immediately start PKT. Dosages: Effective dosages start at 250 mg per week and end at about 1500 mg per week, but for amateurs, 1000 mg per week is the limit. Dosage frequency: sustanon is a composite drug, that is, it contains both short and long esters, so if you put sustanon solo, or together with other long esters, then it should be put 2-3 times a week.

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