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Description Provironos 50 mg from Pharmacom Labs

Provironos 50 mg from Pharmacom Labs is a powerful androgen with low anabolic activity. Features of the drug:

  • Provironos is resistant to rapid decomposition.
  • It is used for therapeutic purposes.
  • Proviron restores well in the muscular tissue of an athlete before metabolites.
  • The drug increases the activity of steroids.

Actions Provironos from Pharmacom Labs

Provironos refers to hormonal remedies. It has androgenic activity. Athletes take the substance in intensive preparation for the upcoming competitions, as well as during the diet. Provironos 50 mg Pharmacom Labs has a unique effect:

  • Helps to reduce weight;
  • Increases muscle relief;
  • Blocks aromatization;
  • Beneficial effect on libido;
  • Increases androgen levels;
  • Converts testosterone into estradiol.

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Side effects Provironos 50 mg

At the reception sometimes men have:

  • Active growth of facial and body hair
  • Acne rash
  • Alopecia
  • Increased skin greasiness

In women it is observed:

  • Voice circumference;
  • Increase in the hair cover;
  • Menstrual disorders;
  • Skin rash.

Provironos 50 mg does not contribute to the appearance of negative hepatotoxic effects. The possibility of toxicity of the drug in the liver is reduced to a minimum. Provironos and steroids of this class reduce cholesterol levels.

Applications Provironos in England

We do not advise women to use the product because of its high androgenicity. Men can use it, but not more than 12 weeks. The daily dosage of the drug should not exceed 50-200 mg per day. It is recommended to use at:

  • Violation of potency
  • Male infertility
  • Sexual maturation

To reduce functional activity in adulthood. The drug is taken orally. The drug action - 12 hours. Provironos 50 mg from Pharmacom Labs should not be used if it is obviously hypersensitive to the components of the drug. It is also necessary to abandon Provironos in case of liver tumors and prostate cancer.

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Active substance: Proviron
Active ingredient, mg: 50
Release form: Pills
1 pill, mg: 50
Blister, pills: 2, 50
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Packing: Packing (2 blisters), Blister (50 pills)

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