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Description Proviged 50 mg by Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

Proviged 50 mg by Euro Prime Farmaceuticals does not affect its own testosterone production, but, as mentioned above, it mitigates or completely eliminates deviations caused by a lack of testosterone, especially potency disorders that can occur when you stop taking steroids, or infertility, which is expressed in a decrease in the amount of sperm and a decrease in its quality.

Proviged will be able to increase reduced sexual interest and potency during or as the steroid course is discontinued. But the strength and mass that disappear after a course of steroids are not preserved. For this purpose, there are special drugs, such as Clomid.

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Benefits Proviged by Euro Prime Farmaceuticals

  • Increase in free testosterone levels;
  • Increased libido and male potency;
  • Decrease in estrogen concentration and function;
  • Improved muscular density;
  • Improved muscle definition.

Application Proviged 50 mg in England

Since Proviged 50 mg from HD is very effective, 50 mg per day is sufficient for men. This means that the athlete swallows one tablet of 25 milligrams in the morning and another in the evening.

In some cases, you can limit yourself to one tablet. If Mesterolone is combined with tamoxifen (50 mg of mesterolone per day and 20 mg of tamoxifen per day), there is almost complete suppression of estrogens.

The side effects of Proviged in men at a dose of 2-3 tablets per day are extremely small, so that it in combination with the steroid "cycle" can be taken relatively safely for more than a few weeks.

It is very well tolerated by the liver and does not cause liver function disorders in the indicated dosages. For athletes who are used to working under the motto "the more, the better", taking mesterolone can cause something paradoxical.

In the instructions for use of the Proviged 50 mg by Euro Prime Farmaceuticals it is written: "High doses can lead to the retention of electrolytes and water in the body and, as a result, to edema." Those who take no more than 2-4 tablets a day do not need to worry about this.

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Active substance: Proviron
Active ingredient, mg: 50
Release form: Pills
1 pill, mg: 50
Blister, pills: 5, 20
Manufacturer: Euro Prime Farmaceuticals
Packing: Blister (20 pills), Packing (5 blisters)

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