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Description Propioject (Testosteron Propionat) 100 mg by Eurochem Labs

Propioject (Testosteron Propionat) by Eurochem Labs is an etherified form of the natural male hormone with a shorter exposure time. It is very popular among athletes because of its versatility. It is widely used by athletes during the drying period, helping them preserve muscle mass.

Propioject (Testosteron Propionat) has been used for quite a long time for medical purposes, after which it gained the attention of athletes. This steroid has high androgenic and anabolic activity (100% of testosterone), a short half-life, and low conversion to estrogens.

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Properties of Propioject (Testosterone Propionat) by Eurochem Labs

When used properly, the drug has a pronounced effect on the body without the risk of side effects.

The main properties of Propioject (Testosteron Propionat) 100 mg Eurochem Labs include:

  • increase in strength performance;
  • Growth of quality muscle mass;
  • reduction of fat deposits;
  • increase in insulin-like factor;
  • increase in sexual performance.

Applications of the drug Propioject (Testosteron Propionat) 100 mg in England

Propioject (Testosteron Propionat) 100 mg is considered to be quite effective and safe steroid, which can be used even by novice athletes.

A solo course is best suited for beginners who want to gain or maintain muscle volume. You should always start with a dosage of 50 mg, injecting every other day. This approach will allow us to trace the body's reaction to the injections, and will also help to maintain a steady hormonal balance.

More experienced athletes are best suited for a dosage of 100 mg, repeatedly every other day. The total duration of use should not exceed 6-10 weeks. The combined course of the drug is usually used on a drying out and allows for a synergistic effect.

Propioject (Testosteron Propionat) combines best with Masteron, Primobolan and Stanozolol. The dosage is selected strictly individually, depending on the specific objectives and physiological indicators of the athlete.

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Active substance: Testosterone, Testosterone Propionato
Active ingredient, mg: 100
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Eurochem Labs
Packing: Bottle

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