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Propandrol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a popular injection steroid drug with short period of exposure, produced in Moldova. Most often, sportsmen choose to buy Propandrol not for mass training, but to maintain and add the volume of dry, quality muscle mass. This is achieved through the activation of protein synthesis in the body.

This drug does not provoke fluid retention in the body, because the male hormone ether has a short half-life (no more than 2 days), which means that the drug is active for two days after administration. This determines the frequency of injections - after a day to maintain a stable level of hormones in the blood. The drug should be injected into the gluteal muscle or the outer thigh muscle.

Advantages and features Propandrol 

Many athletes want to buy Propandrol, as it is one of the most popular oil-soluble testosterone esters. Like any form of male sex hormone, it perfectly builds up weight and strength. In addition, the drug has the following positive effects:

  • increases the intensity of growth of muscle volume, strength and endurance;
  • increases appetite and sexual desire, and also increases potency;
  • accelerates the burning of subcutaneous fat cells;
  • significantly enhances recovery processes in the body after training and other intensive physical activity;
  • improves the overall physical well-being, mood, self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • increases the mobility of joints, ligaments, and protects them and bone tissue from injury by producing joint lubricant (synovial fluid);
  • the preparation can be considered a universal hormone ether suitable for drying and muscle building.

How to take the drug correctly Propandrol 

Buy Propandrol for the solo course is best for beginners who want to add or save muscle volume. Steroid is rarely used on the course as the only means because of its high androgenic activity and perfectly combines with other anabolic substances.

It is necessary to take Propandrol in the first course with a dose of 50mg, injections are made in a day. This makes it possible to minimize the probability of adverse reactions and guarantees an even hormonal background. Experienced athletes who have previously attended AAS courses take 100mg every 2 days. In general, the dosage can be selected individually depending on the desired result and body characteristics.

The duration of the course may be within 4-6 weeks.

Active substance
Testosterone, Testosterone Propionato
Active ingredient, mg
Release form
Ampoule, Bottle
Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Bottle, Packing (10 ampoules), Ampoule

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