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Description Pharma TREN Е 200 mg Pharmacom Labs

Steroid-type hormonal drugs have been used in sports for decades. Initially, there was a lot of negative information about these drugs. Some sources have claimed that steroids are harmful to health and can lead to death. There is no evidence to suggest this, which suggests that anabolics simply decided to exclude from sport. Pharma TREN E 200 mg Pharmacom Labs is one of the leading drugs absolutely safe for the human body. The maximally quick effect allows reducing the course up to 8 weeks, the absence of aromatization reduces the probability of side effects. Most athletes are positive about steroid, especially the guaranteed result and no discomfort on the course. Of course, much depends not only on the substance, but also on the manufacturer. After the ban at the end of the 20th century on a number of anabolics on the steel market, there are obvious fakes made for well-known brands. Most often, such funds do not bring success on the course and cause a number of negative consequences. Before buying, check the seller and the originality confirmation code on the package.

The effects are positive

  • Muscular weight gain, elasticity and relief.
  • Endurance increase in strength.
  • Burning the subcutaneous base, preventing new formations.
  • Strongness of bones and joints.
  • Increase in natural testosterone production.
  • Stimulation of erection, strengthening libido.
  • Recovery without additional funds.
  • Reducing the pain syndrome during training.
  • Prevent the process of decomposition of muscle fibers.
  • Normalization of the emotional state.

Recommendations for use

Maximum results can be achieved if you approach the reception correctly. It is recommended to use no more than 400 mg per week, excess can provoke an increase in blood prolactin. For inexperienced athletes, half of this dose will be enough, just like for girls. In combination with other steroids, you should consider the total dose, as well as the consequences of additional substances. The full course is 6-8 weeks, while drying 2 weeks is enough. It disappears within 5 months, take this into account.

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