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Trabolon ether is very popular among athletes. Perhaps it is acetate that athletes love most, namely this steroid is hidden under the name of Trabolon acetate. Learn about the application of Pharma TREN A 100 mg Pharmacom Labs.

Trenbolone acetate is produced by PharmaCom Labs from Moldova, and is based on the steroid on trenbolone acetate. It is an active component of short action. The drug can actively interact with androgenic type receptors. This is due to its high anabolic activity, but at the same time, when using high doses, some side effects may occur. For this reason, experienced athletes can buy Pharma TREN A 100 mg Pharmacom Labs, and beginners should consult milder anabolics for the first cycles.

The effects of

Many athletes like the power of the drug and this is due to the high popularity of steroid. Quite a few athletes want to buy Pharma TREN A 100 mg Pharmacom Labs for the mass assembly cycle. Let us highlight the most important effects of anabolism:

  • An excellent tool for mass assembly cycles, allowing you to gain about ten kilograms in one course;
  • Increases the physical characteristics;
  • Sharp increase in insulin-like growth factor secretion;
  • There is a fat burning effect;
  • Does not have estrogenic activity;
  • Increases the rate of somatotropin production in the body;
  • Helps to reduce cortisol concentration.


Before ordering Pharma TREN A 100 mg Pharmacom Labs, you must remember that with increasing doses, the risk of side effects increases. The recommended dosage is 50 milligrams per day, and the average cycle time is six weeks. As the half-life of acetate is low, it should be taken frequently.

If you decide to buy Pharma TREN A 100 mg Pharmacom Labs, you should remember about the ability of steroid to significantly depress the secretion of endogenous male hormone. For this reason, it is desirable from the eighth day of the cycle to introduce gonadotropin, which should be taken three times a week for 500 units. The duration of this medicine should not exceed 21 days. You can also get significantly better results if you stick to the appropriate nutrition program and take additional sports supplements. Solo cycles of acetate are very often used for mass classes, and during drying - ligaments with Winstrol or oxandrolone.


Pharma TREN A 100 mg Pharmacom Labs is not a new steroid and therefore quite a few athletes have already experienced its effects. All those who have already decided to buy Pharma TREN A 100 mg Pharmacom Labs note its high efficiency and strength. If it is used according to its recommendations, one should not be afraid for possible side effects. For rehabilitation therapy, you should use clomide or tamoxifene. It should be noted that experienced "chemists" use trenbolone acetate together with the male hormone enantate during mass recruitment cycles, but beginners should not do this.

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