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Description Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg by Pharmacom Labs

Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg by Pharmacom Labs is a testosterone suspension, an androgenic steroid in high demand among jocks. It is water-based and intended for parenteral use (intramuscular injections).

Advantageously buy Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg Pharmacom Labs with delivery by mail you can make an order on our website. The first and one of the strongest anabolic steroids in the world is "pure" testosterone, which does not contain any additives or esters.

Because of this, the product has a rapid effect on the body and is often used by athletes in the final stages of preparing for competition.

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The effect of Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) by Pharmacom Labs

You can buy Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) for men without a prescription. The effective anabolic is characterized by:

  • An increase in strength levels;
  • Reduction of subcutaneous fat layer;
  • accelerated growth of lean muscle mass;
  • increased protein synthesis in muscle tissue for anabolic effects;
  • an increase in red blood cells for the transport of oxygen in the blood;
  • production of insulin-like growth factor, a hormone responsible for cell formation, growth and development;
  • Increased sexual activity.

Applications Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg in England

Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg works for a maximum of three days, but should be administered daily to eliminate hormonal pits. It is this fact that limits the use of testosterone suspension in amateur sports.

The daily dose is 50-100 milligrams, and the duration of anabolic use rarely exceeds five weeks. To a large extent, such a short duration of course is due to frequent and quite painful injections.

It is extremely difficult to sustain longer courses. Vitamin B12 or preparations like novocaine can be used to reduce the pain of injecting the steroid.

You should also remember that testosterone suspension quite actively suppresses the testicles and this is also one of the reasons why short courses are necessary.

Pro-athletes often use Pharma Test100 (Aquatest) 100 mg by Pharmacom Labs in combination with nandrolone to increase the effectiveness of the course. If you intend to use the drug for more than five weeks, your Testosterone Suspension course should be gonadotropin injected.

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Active substance: Sospensione acquosa di testosterone, Testosterone
Active ingredient, mg: 100
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs
Packing: Bottle

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