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The combination of 4 testosterone esters has maximum efficiency and duration of action. Androgenic and anabolic properties of the components are identical, and different chemical groups affect the half-life. Pharma Sust 500 mg Pharmacom Labs is gradually released into the body, providing a stable concentration of the hormone during 2-3 weeks.

The drug normalizes the level of androgen in the male body and supports sexual function. Sustanan's anabolic effect is realized through strengthening protein synthesis, stimulation of muscle mass gain and increasing bone density. It normalizes all types of metabolism and inhibits catabolic reactions.

Composition Pharma Sust 300 mg Pharmacom Labs

  • Testosterone decanoate - 200 mg
  • Phenylpropionate testosterone - 120 mg
  • Testosterone isocapronate - 120 mg
  • Testosterone propionate - 60 mg

Testimonies Pharma Sust 300 mg Pharmacom Labs

The preparation Pharma Sust 500 mg Pharmacom Labs is necessary for treatment of such diseases:

  • primary and secondary hypogonadism;
  • androgenic insufficiency;
  • impotence;
  • in sports - for the set of muscles and "drying" the body.

Dosage Pharma Sust 300 mg Pharmacom Labs

Pharma Sust 500 mg Pharmacom Labs is more profitable to order than the 250 mg version, because the standard dose for athletes is 500 mg intramuscular once a week.

The course lasts 8-10 weeks. To enhance the mass-up effect, the hormone is combined with Nandrolon, Winstrol. Aromatase inhibitors and anti-estrogens are combined to minimize side effects.

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