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Prim (Approx. 10 ml of 100 mg each)

The described steroid preparation contains such an active component as "methenolone enanthate". In fact, this steroid can be described as a "light change" of testosterone, which got rid of its main disadvantages (such as conversion to estrogens, high androgen activity, etc.). This drug is more popular in the sports community under the name "Primobolan".

The substance "metenolone" is presented as a derivative of one of the most powerful androgens present in the male hormonal background – dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Nevertheless, "metenolone" has very weakly expressed androgenic properties (you can even say that they are practically absent) and a very moderate anabolic profile.

On the one hand, this allows it to have a very "soft" effect on the body without overloading it, and on the other hand, such characteristics of its steroid profile allow it to be effective as a drying agent and a "bridge" between courses, since Prima simply does not have enough "power" to stimulate an increase in the rate of muscle mass growth. But it improves muscle relief, burns fat tissue, and helps minimize the loss of "dry" muscle during drying cycles, while maintaining an increased anabolic background.

Qualities and effects

  • helps minimize the loss of dry muscle tissue during drying and weight loss cycles
  • stimulates active fat burning
  • improves the quality of muscle relief
  • low probability of side effects and good tolerance of steroids by the body a
  • decent option for "bridges" between courses does
  • not aromatize, does not harm the liver and can be used in women's competitive bodybuilding
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