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Pharma Dro P100 100 mg Pharmacom Labs is an injection steroid with moderate anabolic action and rather high androgenic activity. The active ingredient is dipropionate drostanol. Like all similar drugs, it was originally used for medical purposes - to treat breast cancer in women. However, due to the high probability of virilization, today drostanol is used only by men and only for sports purposes.

Most often, the drug is used in bodybuilding as a means to save accumulated muscle mass during relief courses. Also PharmaDro-P 100 is quite popular among athletes who strive to increase their sports performance without changing the weight category (wrestlers, boxers, athletes). Drostanol has an insignificant diuretic effect. It is most often used shortly before the competition.

Effects of receiving PharmaDro-P

PharmaDro-P from Pharmacom Labs - the effect of receiving Relief Musculature. The preparation does not retain water in the body, allows you to gain quality muscle mass without accumulation of water under the skin.

  • Increasing the hardness and density of muscles.
  • Increase in strength parameters. Muscle strength increases without increasing muscle mass.

Fat burning effect. PharmaDro-P 100 can be used not only by professionals, but also by amateurs (in reduced dosages) who want to "dry out" and get rid of excess fat deposits. It is used before the competition for weight management. The course PharmaDro-P solo can reduce fat mass by 5-7%.

Anti-tabolic action. Increasing the amount of free testosterone in the blood. The active ingredient is added to the globulin that binds sex hormones.

Drostanolone is a modification of dihydrotestosterone. It virtually does not join androgens receptors, does not flavor, has anti-estrogenic properties.

How to take PharmaDro-P

The PharmaDro-P course is individually selected and lasts from 6 to 12 weeks. The best effect with minimal risk of "side effects" can be achieved by taking about 400-500 milligrams of the drug weekly. As you know, propionate is characterized by a short side chain, so the injections should be made after one or two days. PharmaDro-P has a pronounced androgenic properties, which makes its combination with steroids such as Oxandrolon or Winstrol appropriate (with Winstrol it will be possible to achieve the most pronounced effect on "drying" cycles, because stasolol least interacts with androgenic receptors). If the purpose of PharmaDro-P application is muscle mass gain, it is recommended to combine with testosterone propionate and Masteron. Gonadotropin must be used for long courses.

How do I take PharmaDro-P for women?

The answer is obvious - no way. Steroid is not recommended for athletes because of its high androgenic activity.

Side effects of PharmaDro-P

Since diprostanolone is characterized by low anabolic activity, the drug perfectly burns fat deposits. At the same time, there is an increased risk of a number of androgenic side effects such as acne, prostate hypertrophy, virilization, baldness. It is also fair to say that all side effects of PharmaDro-P 100 are related only to the androgenic factor. Drostanolone does not convert into estardiol, does not cause liver damage, does not retain fluid and does not raise blood pressure.

Reviews about PharmaDro-P

Having studied reviews of PharmaDro-P from Pharmacom Labs, we can conclude about the effectiveness of the drug to increase strength and muscle quality. Athletes note the lack of aromatization, liver and other side effects. However, they all took the drug after consultation with a sports doctor.

Reviews of PharmaDro-P 100 indicate the successful use of steroid in combination with other drugs, such as Nandrolon and Stanozolol. There is also a synergistic effect: in combination with anabolics, the effect is significantly enhanced. This is the case when 1+1=3, or even 4.

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