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Pharma Dro E200 (Drostanolone Enanthate 10 ml 200 mg each)

Masteron is a steroid that has moderate anabolic and high androgenic effects. It does not contribute to an active set of muscle mass, but retains the available volume, increases the density and firmness of the muscles. Anabolics are often used before competitions to significantly increase physical performance.

The price of Masteron is 100% consistent with the results obtained.

  • Masteron Effects
  • Maintaining existing muscle volume;
  • Pronounced fat-burning effect;
  • Increase of density and drawing of muscles;
  • It is used for drying;
  • Reduces catabolic processes;
  • Moderate diuretic effect.


"Solo" Masteron in liquid form is used in a dosage of 300 to 500 mg per week, injections are carried out every 1-2 days. Beginners are advised to start with a minimum dosage. The duration of the course is from 6 to 12 weeks. To achieve a more pronounced effect, the drug is included in combined courses with other anabolics.


In our store you can buy Masteron without a prescription.

Anabolic does not increase blood pressure, does not have a toxic effect on the liver and practically does not retain fluid, but improper use can provoke baldness, acne on the skin, virilization, prostate hypertrophy and excessive irritability.


Masteron has proven itself as a high-quality fat burner, especially in combination with drugs that compensate for the androgenic effect. Athletes recommend anabolics to achieve a firm and rigid relief of the muscles. Women are not recommended to use the steroid because of the high risk of virilization.

Active substance: Drostanolone
Active ingredient, mg: 200
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Pharmacom Labs

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