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Anabolic and androgenic steroid Oxandrolone, produced in oral form by Chinese company ZPHC, can be purchased in specialized online stores. The active ingredient is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, subjected to several changes that have significantly changed the properties of the drug. In the heterocyclic ring A the substitution of the second carbon atom by an oxygen atom has been performed.

The changes made have turned Oxandrolone into one of the safest preparations. It is not prone to flavorization and is slightly toxic to the liver. In relation to testosterone it is four times more powerful in anabolic activity, and in androgenic one - inverse proportionality is observed. The action of the drug lasts up to a day, but to detect traces of its presence modern means of doping testing are able to within two months.

It is quite often used by women, as it provides a high level of protection against virilization.


The special characteristics inherent to Oxandrolon, which can be bought at a cheaper price if you take a Chinese product, make it irrational to use the drug as a tool for building muscle mass. But in order to eliminate excess adipose tissue and strengthen muscles, he copes perfectly. The use of the drug has a noticeable effect on:

  • increased muscle density. The relief of the figure undergoes significant changes for the better, which has long been used bodybuilders in the pre-competitive period;
  • improved strength characteristics. Representatives of power sports, martial arts masters, athletes and skiers take Oxandrolon to increase physical strength and achieve superiority over their rivals;
  • to reduce the volume of fat accumulation;
  • increasing growth hormone levels.

Oxandrolon is considered the most suitable product for people who have gained enough weight and want to reduce the volume of fat tissue to make muscles more embossed. The renewal of adipose tissue after taking Oxandrolon's course is very slow. This is another important advantage of the drug.


Oxandrolon solo course lasts for six to eight weeks. The spread in the definition of dosage is very significant: from 20 mg to 80 mg per day. Beginner athletes are advised to set up the course with a ladder (slide), starting with a minimum daily dose of 20 mg to understand the individual tolerance. It is better to break down the daily dose into several steps to maintain hormonal stability and prevent side effects. It is possible to gradually increase the dosage, bringing it to an optimal level.

After two days after completion of the course, the post-course therapy begins. It lasts one or two weeks and consists of daily intake of 10 mg tamoxifen. This is enough to restore the production of natural testosterone.

Combination courses with Oxandrolon are very common. In combinations, it is common to use, as a rule, steroids with high androgenic activity, such as:

  • primobolana;
  • steroids, such as: Primobolana; Sustanana;
  • testosterone esters.

Such courses achieve not only better relief, but also muscle building. The dosage of Chinese Oxandrolone, as usual, does not exceed 40 mg per day.


Almost all undesirable side effects when taking the drug are due to the fact that it has an oppressive effect on the secretion of natural testosterone. If the recommendations regarding the upper limit of dosages are neglected for a long time, the body may stop producing natural testosterone. The situation may worsen to atrophy of the testicles.

In terms of hepatotoxicity, Oxandrolone is considered to be the most safe for health, a daily dose of 20 mg does not affect liver function. The absence of the effect of aromatization leads to the fact that there is no danger of undesirable estrogenic manifestations.

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