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Description Nandrodex 300 mg by Sciroxx

Nandrodex 300 mg from Sciroxx is an anabolic steroid that is effective, so it is used for the purposes of gaining muscle mass and general strengthening of the body.

It has the active ingredient nandrolone decanoate (an extended form of nandrolone, which differs from its shorter counterparts (such as phenylpropionate) primarily in terms of speed and duration of effect).

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Advantages of the drug Nandrodex by Sciroxx

Many athletes choose this particular Nandrodex from Sciroxx because with its help you can get such results from the course as:

  • Growth of quality muscles;
  • Strengthening of the skeletal system;
  • Improvement of the work of the joint and ligament apparatus;
  • Acceleration of collagen synthesis processes;
  • Increases the concentration of red blood cells, which significantly improves the transport of oxygen to the muscle tissues;
  • Stimulates the immune system;
  • Elimination of painful sensations during training.

Numerous reviews of Nandrodex 300 mg report that after withdrawal of the drug there is a slight phenomenon of recoil.

Reviews Nandrodex 300 mg in England

Several leaders in sports pharmacology produce the injectable anabolic for muscle growth Nandrodex form Sciroxx. It is recommended for those who are just starting their way in the sport, as well as for bodybuilding professionals.

Presented in a volume of 10 ml. The active ingredient is 300 mg/ml. A large number of positive reviews on the drug, indicates its effectiveness. Nandrodex 300 mg, if you follow all the recommendations for use, does not have strong side effects and harm the body. Thanks to the drug, the strength and endurance performance grows.

There is an increase in lean muscle mass, the musculature becomes more sculpted. The right combination of diet and going to the gym, while taking the steroid, will help to achieve results in the shortest possible time.

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Active substance: Nandrolone Phenilpropionoate
Active ingredient, mg: 300
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Sciroxx

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