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Primobolan has a mild effect unlike other anabolic steroids. Its action is safe for the body as it does not cause side effects if used correctly. It is a completely safe preparation for athletes of various sports.

Primobolan is based on the ester compound methenolone enanthate. It has a long etheric chain. The substance penetrates slowly from muscle tissue into the blood, which affects the duration of its action (10-14 days). Depending on the duration of the effect, it is compared with the testosterone ester enanthate. The process of administering the injections is painful, but this does not prevent athletes from giving one injection per week. The substance has a moderate anabolic activity of 88% compared to testosterone and also has a low androgenic effect of 44%. Thanks to this, the steroid has a mild but safe action. The detection period in the blood of methenolone is short, only 4-5 weeks. Athletes can prepare for a competition without fear of being discovered by a doping test. The drug is not flavored and is not toxic. The substance is very common in the sports industry, especially among bodybuilding athletes. It is actively used in drying courses because of its qualities.

Before use, consult a doctor and undergo an examination, after which a specialist will prescribe an individual course for you.

  • Primobolan does not affect weight gain, but helps to maintain it.
  • It improves the quality of the collected mass;
  • Shows relief and firmness of muscles;
  • Provides high quality body drying;
  • Increases physical strength and resistance to stress.
Active ingredient, mg
1 ampoule, ml
Ampoules per package, pcs
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1 ampoule, Packing (10 ampoules)

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