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Melanotan Tan is an additive for giving the skin a beautiful bronze tone. Its main active ingredient is a synthesized analogue of natural melanocortin. The formula was found in the USA in the process of scientific research of effective compounds for fighting skin cancer. Thus, a peptide was discovered that works on the principle of an aphrodisiac.

Melanotan 2 efficiency

Taking capsules or using melanotan spray is everyone's personal business. This type of peptides allows you to achieve a tanning effect even without being exposed to ultraviolet rays.

Most supplements are used in sports nutrition diets. Especially relevant for weightlifting and bodybuilding. Indeed, in addition to the effect on the skin by stimulating the production of pigment, the funds have a number of related functions:

  • Reduce appetite;
  • They work as fat burners;
  • Activate testosterone production (in men), aphrodisiac

Many of the foods work on the nervous system, thereby increasing endurance, stimulating libido and increasing libido.

An important point is that the dosage must be observed. The course is 8-10 days. The supplement is injected into the body at 100-200 mcg daily or with a break of 1-2 days. An increase in the dose and time spent in a solarium or in the sun cannot qualitatively affect the improvement of tanning. It only increases the risk of burns and freckles.

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