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Mastabol (Masteron 10 ml of 100 mg)

Mastabol 100 is a modern effective drug based on drostanolone dipropionate. The main purpose of the drug is to increase the strength parameters without increasing body weight, as well as to accelerate the utilization of fat cells. The active ingredient Mastabol 100 is a derivative of the most powerful androgen-dihydrotestosterone.

The drug has strong androgenic properties with moderate anabolic activity. Mastabol is not able to actively affect androgen-type receptors and is not converted to estradiol. In addition, the steroid we are considering today shows anti-estrogenic activity. Another feature of the steroid is its ability to inhibit globulin.

How to take Mastabol 100 correctly

In bodybuilding, the main purpose of a steroid is to burn fat quickly. The drug is also able to quickly remove excess fluid and give the muscles additional elasticity. Since the androgenic properties of the drug are high. Then it is not recommended for use by athletes.

The drug is most often used in combination with other steroids, which allows you to get the maximum result. Please note that mastabol 100 is perfectly combined with many AAS, and when composing a combined cycle, you should focus on your financial situation, as well as on the experience of using sports pharmacology.

Novice builders can be recommended to use a bunch of testosterone propionate+mastabol. The duration of this course is a maximum of two months, and each drug is administered once every 2 days in an amount of 0.1 grams. When conducting restorative therapy, tamoxifen can be used in a daily dosage of 30 milligrams.

Often athletes use tribulus to accelerate the production of testosterone. Experienced athletes often use three drugs at once during drying: trenbolone acetate, mastabol, and testosterone propionate. Trenbolone should be taken every second day, and its single dose is from 75 milligrams to 0.1 grams. Use the rest of the drugs according to the scheme described above.

Please note that the average weekly dosage of Mastabol 100 is from 0.3 to 0.5 grams. Since the half-life of the steroid is small, it should be administered every 2 days in an amount of 0.1 grams. The maximum duration of use of drostanolone dipropionate should be limited to 2.5 months.

Athletes about Mastabol 100

You can find reviews about Mastabol on our forum or other relevant resources. We recommend that you still use the forum, as here you can get reliable information not only from experienced athletes, but also from our consultants. If we sum up the opinions of builders about this steroid, then in most cases they are positive.Many athletes believe that mastabol is one of the best AAS for drying. You can not only get rid of a large amount of fat, speed up the process of disposing of excess fluid, but also give the muscles relief and elasticity. Athletes also talk about the relatively high safety of this drug, which allows it to be used even by beginners.

Most often, this steroid is used during the preparation for competitions and allows you to put your body in order and increase strength.

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