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Growth hormone fragment 176-191 is a fragment of the amino acid growth hormone peptide from Canadian peptides. Scientists have found that by "cutting" growth hormone in the C-terminal region, it is possible to identify the fat-burning properties associated with growth hormone exposure. Therefore, a fragment of 176 to 191 amino acids is removed from GH, and scientists have found that they have developed a peptide that promotes the burning of adipose tissue 12.5 times more intensively than when using growth hormone. At the same time, the drug showed a complete absence of side effects inherent in growth hormone itself.

Why did modern-day bodybuilders start actively using human growth hormone? It's just that its ability to regulate fat loss and increase IGF-1 synthesis in the liver is exceptional and provides gains in lean muscle mass during fat burning. Frag 176-191 growth hormone fragment has only fat burning properties and does not affect the appearance of such unpleasant characteristics when taking growth hormone as tunneling syndrome, edema, etc.

Mechanism of action HGH Frag 5 mg Canada Peptides

The work of this peptide is mediated by the activation and consequent increase in gene expression for type 3 beta-adrenergic receptors, and this type of receptor is directly involved in the active process of fat burning. Therefore, the intake of a fragment of growth hormone will regulate fat metabolism without side effects in terms of reduced tissue sensitivity to insulin. By isolating the tail of the GH molecule, scientists found that the fragment of the growth hormone molecule from 176 to 191 amino acids works even better than GH and stimulates lipolysis (fat burning) more than 12 times more. Clinical studies have shown that the peptide effectively blocks the formation of new fatty acids and other lipids (normalizing the lipid profile). In addition, unlike other compounds used to burn fat, users will not experience hunger, limb tremors or irritation that may be associated with ephedrine or similar compounds. Since it does not affect the somatotropic hormone receptor complex, numerous studies have shown that this peptide does not cause hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar). In addition, its use will contribute to increased bone density, rejuvenation, increased energy levels and improved sleep quality.

Therefore, the purchase of HGH FRAG 176-191 provides exceptional results in improving the quality and composition of the body by exposing the muscles to excess body fat.


  •  Fast fat burner;
  •  Improve bone density;
  • Rejuvenation;
  •  Energy growth (due to the destruction of fat reserves);
  • sleep optimization and improvement;
  •  Improvement of blood lipid profile;
  • No side effects
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