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Halotest Balkan Pharmaceuticals: A Brief Description

Halotest is based on the active ingredient Fluoxymesterone. It is a derivative of the male hormone. Thanks to changes in the molecular structure of Fluoxymesterone, this substance has learned the most powerful anabolic and androgenic properties. In this, Halotest even exceeds Trenbolone. However, the anabolic and androgenic activity of steroids is usually compared to testosterone. As a result, Halotest is stronger than the male hormone of 2000 and 1000 percent respectively.

Although this drug is unique, it is quite common in professional sports. Bodybuilding enthusiasts use it relatively rarely. The positive effects of Halotest include:

  • Extreme increase in potency characteristics in a short time.
  • Increased aggressiveness and endurance.
  • Increased muscle density.
  • Relief from the body improves.
  • It is the most powerful fat burner.

It is quite obvious that such a powerful drug has a number of negative effects. Due to the high androgenic activity of the steroid, the risks of developing the corresponding side effects are very high. In addition, Halotest has progestin properties, which can cause the development of estrogenic-like negative effects.

It is also worth noting that Fluoxymesterone can disrupt liver function. In fact, this is the only AAS whose rumors about high hepatotoxicity are not exaggerated. However, with proper application, all these problems can be avoided. It is quite obvious that Halotest cannot be used by athletes.

Acceptance and Halotest combined course

The drug is used by athletes during the final stage of tournament preparation. As a result, athletes can significantly improve body definition and increase physical parameters. The use of Halotest during the off-season is inappropriate. The daily dose of anabolic is 5-40 mg.

The duration of courses with the participation of this powerful anabolic should be limited to one month. However, many professional athletes use the steroid for no longer than two weeks. In such a situation, the risks of developing side effects are minimal. If desired, combined courses with Halotest can be conducted. Since anabolic is used in the final stage of tournament preparation, it is recommended to use AAS, which have high fat burning properties, as ligaments.

It is these drugs that are mainly chosen by athletes. Combinations of Halotest with Nandrolones and Trenbolones should not be used, as they all have progestin properties. Consequently, the risks of developing estrogenic side effects are extremely high. In amateur bodybuilding, Fluoxymesterone is rarely used. The point here is not so much in the high risks of adverse effects, but in the characteristics of the drug. If athletes who perform have to prepare for the tournament in a short time, amateurs do not have to face such a task.

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