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Among the large number of steroid drugs to date, you can choose exactly the drug that is most suitable for achieving the task of STRONGMAN. You can easily get lost, because there are a lot of high-quality muscle building drugs on the sports Pharmacology market. The cost of Winstrol which in our store is small for every buyer will perfectly cope with the task of gaining high quality muscle mass. The drug is carried out in two dosage forms-tablets and injections.

History and features of the tool

Winstrol was first used to increase endurance in horses during competition. After some time, the drug was studied and it was confirmed that it can be taken in humans. Winstrol is considered a progesterone antagonist, but it does not block the progestogen factor of nandrolone.

The distinctive uniqueness of this steroid from others lies in the fact that it is not made on a water basis, but on an oil basis, like most drugs. As for the form of release of tablets, it does not pass through the liver, and therefore does not cause undesirable side effects. Since Winstrol can be considered a safe remedy, it is allowed to be taken by female athletes. It is important to remember that masculinization always appears with an unauthorized increase in the dose.

Winstrol is a tool with androgenic and anabolic activity, which is very popular among athletes. The substance shows excellent effects on the drying cycle, since it does not accumulate fluid in the body.

Description and scheme of use

The tool is perfectly suitable for athletes who have a moderate level of subcutaneous fat and normal body weight. Welcome to achieve sports goals, both solo and full use. Vintsrol is chosen by very many athletes during the preparation period for the competition. If you add Trenbolone to the drug, you can find a remarkable effect in the form of raised muscles.

The average dosage of the drug to be used will be 10-25 mg in tablets and about 50 mg in injections. Start taking Winstrol is necessary with low doses to prevent manifestations of side effects and poor health. The duration of the cycle of use of the drug does not exceed 6 weeks, if taken orally, and if injected, then 8 weeks.

Positive effects of the use of the drug

Winstrol should be careful not only because of its popularity, but also because of its safety and the presence of positive effects

  • The drug does not accumulate water, and also helps to get rid of its residues. This allows you to form an impeccable look.
  • Acting directly on the muscles, the tool increases the indicators of strength and endurance.
  • The efficiency is high and tested by many professional athletes.
  • The possibility of using the drug on the course both solo and in complex with other steroids.
  • It is considered the safest drug in its own category of doping.
  • A wide range, because the drug is manufactured by different manufacturers.
  • Low price of the product compared to other steroids.


  • Adverse manifestations, if there are any, are directly related to an increase in the dose or an incorrect regimen of taking the drug. Occur most often:
  • High blood pressure.
  • Local effects in the form of painful sensations at the injection site.
  • Toxic effects on the liver.
  • Spasms of muscle fibers.
  • Headaches and migraines.
  • Hypertrophy of the myocardium.
  • Increase cholesterol levels.
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