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Gonadoreline is a peptide structure gonadotropin-releasing hormone derived from Canadian peptides. Gonadotrelin is responsible for the release of the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). It is a definitive substitute for chorionic gonadropin, but one step closer to the beginning along the hypothalamic-pituitary-esticular chain. If gonadotropin is an analogue of LH and FSH synthesized in the pituitary gland, gonadotropin is a synthetic analogue of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone synthesized in the hypothalamus.

Mechanism of action

In the pituitary gland, gondoreline stimulates the synthesis and release of FSH and LH. This process is controlled by the frequency and amplitude of gonadotropin release hormone pulses, as well as feedback from androgens and estrogens. A pulsating secretion of gonadotrophin has been observed in all vertebrates. This is necessary to ensure proper reproductive function. Therefore, a hormone, Gonadorelin, controls the complex process of follicular growth.

A continuous cycle of gondoreline leads to the opposite effect. This leads to a decrease in sexual activity, up to sterility. Therefore, the continuous use pattern is only used in coercive measures in the judicial system (for example, pedophilia in the United States). Many people use Gonadorelin on a regimen of 100-200 mcg every three hours for two or three weeks, this has the effect of increasing testosterone


  • With impulsive use every 3 hours - increased testosterone production;
  • With constant introduction of high doses - suppression of testosterone production and fertility. 

Side Effects

No allergic reactions have been observed after use. There may only be individual intolerance. But there is nausea, vomiting, dizziness, chest pain.

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