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Description Genotropin Original 16 IU from Pfizer Labs

The athlete's success in the chosen sport is largely related to the diet and training mode. But do not forget how important it is to use suitable anabolic drugs.

Many well-known bodybuilders actively use Genotropin Original 16 IU Pfizer Labs in their training program. This drug produces a well-known brand, which has earned a high reputation among customers. In the process of production it is possible to achieve maximum purification, and laboratory tests have determined the ideal concentration of the drug.

Buy Genotropin Original at the best price offers our online store. Convenient payment method (prepayment or cash on delivery), as well as fast delivery to any region of England, will make the purchase process convenient and cost-effective. We assure you that you will not find any fakes in our store, and the effect of the drugs will be high and impressive.

Effective Genotropin Original from Pfizer Labs for bodybuilders in England

To date, Genotropin Original from Pfizer Labs is one of the key drugs in sports pharmacology. This is not surprising, because it supports the carbohydrate balance and protein synthesis, as well as water-salt metabolism. The correct use of the drug will allow:

  • get rid of fat deposits;
  • stimulate the growth of muscle structure;
  • increase the tone of muscles;
  • to increase efficiency.

We offer to buy Genotropin Original, so you can test its advantages on your own experience. The drug enhances insulin synthesis and strengthens the bone structure.

The cardiovascular system will better cope with the high loads that act during training. Genotropin Original 16 IU helps to reduce blood cholesterol. The drug helps to get rid of the lack of its own growth hormone, which can lead to various unpleasant consequences.

The drug is presented in the form of injections. The concentration of the active substance reaches its maximum 3-6 hours after use. Injections should be given after half an hour from the moment of awakening or after training. The duration of administration may vary between 3-6 months. To date, there are several ways to use the drug.

It allows you to take a course of solo or together with steroids. In the latter case, the athlete will get a powerful effect in terms of weight gain. At the drying stage, the drug is used in conjunction with fat incinerators. You can always buy Genotropin Original 16 IU from Pfizer Labs on our website, where the price of sports pharmacology remains democratic.

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Active substance: Somatropin
Active ingredient, IU: 16
Active ingredient, mg: 5,3
Manufacturer: Pfizer Labs

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