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Follistatin-344, marketed by manufacturer PEPTIDE SCIENCES (USA), is a highly anabolic peptide designed for rapid growth and restoration of lean muscle mass. The substance is produced in the human body, but in minimum dosages, respectively, the use of specialized drugs with a higher concentration of follistatin helps to get the maximum effect from it.

Features and Benefits of Follistatin-344

The follistatin-344 has indisputable advantages, for which it is appreciated by experts and praised by athletes in reviews:

  • The growth of physical strength, indicators of strength.
  • An increase in muscle volume.
  • Increased working capacity and productivity.
  • Activation of metabolic processes and metabolism.
  • Powerful fat burning effect.
  • Giving strength, density and relief to muscle tissue.
  • Increase of appetite, which contributes to increase the weight category of an athlete (less often suppression of hunger with tendency to eat too much).
  • The drug is particularly fond of athletes because it is possible to take it even before important competitions, since the active components are not detected in the blood during the doping control.

How to properly use the anabolic Follistatin-344 in bodybuilding

The peptide is available as an injection powder. For maximum effect, it is recommended to administer the agent at a dose of 1000 mcg intramuscularly during the day. The optimal course duration is between 1.5 and 2.5 weeks.

Surprisingly, the effects of the drug become apparent after the first use, as evidenced by numerous reviews from real buyers. This is an excellent weight training remedy, which has no absolute clinical contraindications and does not cause the development of any adverse reactions.

Restrictions on Follistatin-344 peptide use

This peptide is not recommended for people under the age of majority, pregnant and nursing women. If you have a history of autoimmune disease, diabetes mellitus, hypotension or hypertension, you should consult a physician before starting the course.

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