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Description of Fluoxymesterone 10 mg Zhengzhou

Halotestin is considered a versatile steroid that is used in a wide variety of sports.

The main component of the drug is fluoxymesterone, which is a derivative of the hormone testosterone. This explains the presence of the stronger androgenic effect, which increases not only resistance, strength, but also the feeling of aggressiveness. It is important that the anabolic effect of Halotestin is insignificant.

The use of this drug is considered universal, since it is suitable for a wide variety of sports activities. For example, in powerlifting, pills help to increase endurance and strength without increasing muscle volume. Bolbuilders use the drug during preparation for a competition to dry the muscles and effectively relieve them. You can buy Halotestin for a full course of exercises designed to increase muscle volume or increase endurance on the eve of upcoming competitions.

Halotestin has many positive properties:

  • When taken, the muscles are actively saturated with oxygen and nutrients due to the fact that the drug stimulates the development of the circulatory network;
  • The muscles become dense and rigid and the venous network becomes more visible;
  • Acceleration of the red blood cell creation process and synthesis of hemoglobin, as a result of which more oxygen enters the muscles;
  • Fluid in the tissues does not linger and increased loads during training are more easily tolerated by the athlete's body;
  • Increased endurance and aggressiveness, which forms the will to win;
  • pronounced fat burning effect.
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