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Esculap (Tadalafil 20 mg)

Aesculap from Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova) is a non - steroidal drug that is effective and used to increase libido (sexual activity) and erection (erectile function). Its purpose is primarily to treat erectile dysfunction, that is, the inability of a man to achieve/maintain the erection necessary for sexual intercourse.

Reviews and description

The drug has the active ingredient tadalafil – which is a synthetic derivative, non-narcotic and non-toxic, does not cause physical or psychological dependence in the user (within the recommended doses, it is relatively safe for human use).

Classification Aesculap is a selective phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitor of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). When the local release of nitric oxide occurs after arousal, the drug's action, resulting in PDE5 inhibition, contributes to an increase in the level of cGMP in the penis. As a result, the smooth muscles of the arteries relax and the blood flow of the penis improves, which accordingly contributes to an erection. Thus, the drug has no effect in the absence of natural mechanisms of arousal (that is, it does not cause a spontaneous erection, but contributes to the natural mechanisms of its achievement).It is important that Aesculapius (tadalafil) it is not a steroid drug (it does not exhibit anabolic, androgenic, progestin or estrogenic activity), it is relatively safe to combine it with other sports pharmacology.

Possible side effects of Aesculapius for men: from the central nervous system (from headache to fainting), from the cardiovascular system (from palpitations to high blood pressure), from the digestive system (from heartburn to vomiting), as well as from the respiratory and reproductive systems, general and allergic reactions that are rare if the recommendations are followed (in the case of manifestations, as a rule, they are only weakly expressed and pass).

Reviews of Aesculapia are often laudatory, describing the results of taking it to restore a man's libido and erection, on the one hand, and the almost complete absence of a side effect, on the other. To make sure of our honest work and the quality of our products, you should read the opinions of customers on the website and forum of the resource.

How to take Aesculapius

Aesculapius is taken orally, as a rule, shortly before the planned sexual intercourse (on average, 15 minutes, which is enough for the full inclusion of the active substance). After application, tadalafil is absorbed in the shortest possible time: its Cmax (average maximum concentration) is reached 2 hours after a single dose.

For men with an active sexual life (sex from 2 times a week), it is recommended to use Aesculap at a dose of 5 mg per day, daily, at the same time (depending on the sensitivity, the daily dose can be reduced to 2.5 mg).

For men with rare sexual activity (less than 2 times a week), it is recommended to take Esculap at a dose of 20 mg per day, immediately before sexual intercourse (at least 10-20 minutes).

The average recommended dosage of Aesculapius is 5-20 mg per day (respectively, a quarter of a tablet – a whole tablet). The maximum recommended dose and frequency of use is 20 mg once a day to avoid side effects.

The use of aesculapius can occur independently of the use of food. The degree and rate of absorption of the substance does not depend on the food. The time of taking the tablets (in the morning or in the evening) also does not have a clinically significant effect.

How to take Esculap tablets (tadalafil) - today many men are interested in problems with potency. But before the course of the drug, it is important to take into account the potential risks (consult a doctor and exclude contraindications), otherwise nothing guarantees harmlessness.

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