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Drostanolone 100 (drostanolone 100) from Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Taking Drostanolone 100 allows athletes to improve their athletic performance, strength and make their appearance more effective in a short time. The drug has managed to prove its effectiveness, so today it is popular in sports pharmacology. Basically, the steroid is used in courses designed to improve the quality of muscles, and much less often it is used to gain high-quality mass.

Features of the drug

Drostanolone is a moderately strong anabolic. Its active ingredient is Drostanolone Propionate. It was originally used to treat breast cancer. Over time, more effective drugs were used to fight the disease, and the drug became relevant among athletes, allowing them to prepare for competitions.

Drostanolone Propionate has a fairly high androgen content and moderate anabolic effect. It is not subject to flavoring. Its Half-Life is 2-3 days. The steroid is non-toxic to the liver.

Recommendations for use

Drostanolone 100 is administered by injection. The course of admission more often should not go beyond 6-10 weeks. This time is usually enough to get the result. The optimal dosage is 100 mg every other day. The effectiveness of taking it will increase the observance of a strict diet.

Since the drug has strong androgenic properties, it is successfully used together with Winstrol and stanozolol. They will help the athlete "dry out" the gained mass.

Side effects

With a well-designed course and compliance with all the rules of admission, the risk of side effects is minimal. But undesirable manifestations are still possible. These can be:oily skin;acne;hair growth on the face and body;decreased testosterone production;increased blood pressure.

The severity of these manifestations is low, and it is not difficult to cope with them. Women should be prepared for possible virilization symptoms.

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