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Description Drostanolone Enantate 200 mg from Prime

Drostanolone Enantate 200 mg from Prime - a modified analog of Masteron's propionate with a longer lasting effect. It is a unique steroid with maximum positive effect. It was originally created as a drug for the treatment of breast cancer in women.

After further research, it was decided to exclude the drug from the complex therapy due to the negative effect of the active ingredient on the female body. Subsequently, athletes and amateurs became interested in this anabolic. The drug has been actively used in sports practice to improve physical performance and muscle quality.

Most athletes use a steroid to increase strength and endurance during long preparations for competitions. Officially, the use of Drostanolone Enantate in professional sports is banned, which does not prevent its use, masking with special agents.

Like any drug, it has contraindications. Before use, it is imperative to consult a specialist. Women in their sporting efforts must treat the use of anabolic agents with caution, it is best to use it under the supervision of a sports doctor.

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Pros and positive aspects Drostanolone Enantate from Prime in England

Drostanolone Enantate 200 mg has these properties:

  • It uses fat bases, it prevents the accumulation of fat after the end of fat.
  • Acts on muscle gain in beginners.
  • Increases strength and speed.
  • Improves concentration.
  • Promotes body saturation with nitrogen.
  • Gives relief to muscles with luminous veins and muscle fibers.
  • It affects the production of testosterone in the blood, increasing its level.
  • Increases the work of all organs and systems.
  • Helps to improve the psychological state.

For maximum results, you should use the Drostanolone Enantate from Prime in combination with Testosterone, Boldenone or Nandrolone. The dosage in the combined course should be calculated by a specialist, should not exceed the general norm.

During the course, monitor your diet and the amount of physical activity. Experts recommend including protein and amino acids in your diet to speed up the processes in your body.

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Active substance: Drostanolone
Active ingredient, mg: 200
Release form: Bottle
1 bottle, ml: 10
Bottles in the package, pcs: 1
Manufacturer: Prime
Packing: Bottle

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